10 Portable Best Gas Grill Under 100 For 2023

Gas grilling is a popular and convenient way to cook outdoors, offering a quick and efficient method for making delicious meals. Here’s the scoop on the best gas grill under 100!

A woman in a hat is preparing food on an outdoor grill.

Whether it’s for a family barbecue or a casual get-together with friends, a gas grill provides a reliable and easy-to-use cooking solution.

Choosing the right gas grill under $100 can offer a great entry into the world of outdoor grilling without breaking the bank.

Gas grills come in various sizes and styles, making it possible for everyone to find the perfect one for their needs.

They are especially ideal for those who want the best portable grill and user-friendly option for outdoor kitchens or who have limited space to work with.

Despite the affordable price point, gas grills under $100 can still provide the essential features needed for a fantastic grilling experience.

When shopping for a gas grill under $100, buyers should pay attention to crucial factors. Such as the overall size, the number of burners, the cooking surface area, and the type of fuel used.

These aspects will directly impact the grill’s performance, durability, and functionality.

Ensuring that the grill meets your specific requirements can result in a better outdoor cooking experience and increase the likelihood of long-lasting satisfaction.

So, if you’re in the market for an affordable yet effective gas grill, we’ve made a list of the grills that are the best option for you.

With careful consideration of the most important features, these grills were chosen to help you make the most of your outdoor cooking endeavors.

Dive in and find the perfect gas grill that delivers both quality and value.

Best Gas Grills Under $100

When it comes to grilling, gas grills are a favorite choice for many outdoor cooking enthusiasts. The use of cast iron grates ensures even heat distribution and excellent searing capabilities.

With a high BTU burner, these grills can reach and maintain high temperatures, perfect for achieving that beautiful char on your favorite meats and vegetables.

However, it’s important to be mindful of potential hot spots that may require slight adjustments during cooking.

Gas grills are particularly convenient for those with limited outdoor space, as they are compact and fit well in a small outdoor space.

Additionally, they don’t require as much fuel as other grill types, making them economical and efficient.

Whether you’re grilling on a patio or balcony, a gas grill is a reliable and versatile option for enjoying delicious outdoor meals.

Finding the perfect gas grill on a budget can be challenging, but we have compiled a list of the best grills under $100 to help you make the most delicious barbecue without breaking the bank.

1. American Gourmet Char-Broil Classic 360 Gas Grill

American Gourmet Char-Broil Classic 360 Gas Grill

The American Gourmet Char-Broil Classic 360 is a reliable and affordable gas grill perfect for casual grilling enthusiasts.

Users are pleasantly surprised by its performance. With 360 square inches of cooking space, it can provide enough room to cook for family and friends.

The porcelain-coated grates are easy to clean and did not show any signs of rust. Making the entire grilling experience quite enjoyable.

The grill comes with two side shelves that offer a great deal of convenience. Especially for prepping food and storing grilling utensils.

The American Gourmet Char-Broil Classic 360 Gas Grill is a great choice for those looking for a solid, affordable gas grill.

2. Megamaster 820-0065C Portable Gas Grill

Megamaster Gas Grill

The Megamaster 820-0065C is an excellent choice for those seeking a portable and versatile gas grill under $100.

This portable gas grill is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, tailgating, or hosting garden parties.

It’s easy assembly and foldable legs make it quick to set up and carry around. While the high-grade stainless steel burner delivers 11,000 BTUs of cooking power.

The heat-resistant coated steel frame ensures durability and long-lasting use.

With a spacious 360 sq. in. total cooking area, this grill offers plenty of room to whip up your favorite grilled dishes. The steel wire cooking grid retains heat evenly, ensuring consistent results. 

The overall performance and convenience of this portable gas grill make it a solid choice. Especially for those seeking to combine outdoor adventures with deliciously grilled meals.

3. Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Portable 240 is a compact and efficient gas grill perfect for on-the-go grilling experiences.

Theis is great to use as a main grilling station. The grill’s compact design makes it an ideal companion for trips without sacrificing grilling quality.

With its 240 square-inch cooking area, it has ample space for cooking around 8 burgers simultaneously for a small gathering.

The stability provided by its sturdy legs and easy transportation with its carrying handles contributed to a hassle-free grilling experience.

In fact, setting it up on both the ground and table surfaces is a breeze.

Moreover, the lid-mounted temperature gauge proved to be a handy feature in monitoring heat levels and ensuring the deliciousness of our grilled goodies.

The Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is a good choice for those who love grilling on the go.

Its compact design, generous cooking space, and convenient features make it a reliable companion for a camping trip, tailgating, or picnicking, with minimal downsides that can be easily managed.

4. Cuisinart CGG-180T Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-180T

The Cuisinart CGG-180T is a fantastic choice for those looking for a convenient, compact, and high-performance gas grill under $100.

This grill offers users great-grilled flavor from a compact, high-performance appliance.

Its small gas grill format can easily fit in various locations making it ideal for those who prioritize convenience.

Although the grill is compact, its ample cooking grate is large enough to cook most family meals, accommodating up to 8 steaks or 8 hamburgers.

One of the standout features of this gas grill is its ability to heat up quickly. Plus using minimal gas compared to a full-sized grill.

Coupled with its portable design, this favorite grill is perfect for various outdoor activities. Such as the beach, tailgating, or camping.

It comes with folding legs, a grill lid latch, a generous carry handle, and a spill-resistant drip grease tray, all of which enhance its portability.

This tabletop grill is a terrific option for those looking for a high-quality gas grill under $100 that is both compact and efficient.

Its portable design, quick heating, and generous cooking area make it suitable for various outdoor cooking experiences and one of the best small grills. 

5. Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is a reliable and portable choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts looking for quality performance on the go.

This grill is a versatile outdoor cooking tool designed for those who love to have a proper grilled meal wherever they go.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and set up. Its perfect for camping trips, picnics, and tailgating parties.

The stainless steel construction ensures not only durability but also resistance to rust and other weather-related damages.

One of the standout features of this grill is its heat distribution. The absence of a heat diffuser plate is made up for by a beefier cooking grate that helps distribute the heat evenly.

This feature significantly contributes to giving you those perfect grill marks and consistent cooking results.

The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is an ideal choice for those who want a reliable, portable, and durable gas grill under $100.

It showcases Weber’s renowned quality and offers excellent heat distribution for an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience.

6. Flame King RV Mounted BBQ

Flame King BBQ

The Flame King RV Mounted BBQ is a convenient gas grill option for RV and trailer enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor cooking while camping or traveling.

It is designed especially for motorhome, RV, and trailer users.

Plus it comes with a bracket that allows you to mount the grill right onto the side of your vehicle. Making it a perfect choice for campers who love a good cookout while on road trips.

The grill features a complete grilling station, including an adjustable flame controller, upper grill deck, and 214 square inches of cooking surface.

This provides ample space for preparing delicious meals for family and friends. One of the standout aspects of this grill is its mountable and free-standing features.

The hanging rack can serve as legs to make the grill free-standing. Making it an excellent choice not only for tailgating but also for camping trips.

This BBQ grill is a great option for RV users who want a complete grilling station with versatility in installation.

7. WDZCZDoo 3-Burner Gas Grill

A barbecue grill with different types of food on it.

The WDZCZDoo 3-Burner Gas Grill, a versatile and efficient grilling solution for all your outdoor cooking needs.

This grill comes equipped with 3 independent control switches, allowing you to adjust the heat level for each single burner separately, giving you precise control over your grilling experience.

With a gas pressure of 2800pa, you can expect powerful and consistent flames for perfect cooking results.

The Smokeless BBQ feature with 3 heads ensures healthier and more nutritious meals while retaining the delicious flavors of your favorite dishes.

Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, this gas grill is not only strong and durable but also height adjustable. Allowing you to customize the grill’s height to your preference.

The addition of an independent control knob makes it convenient for energy-saving by allowing you to control the intensity of each burner independently.

Take your grilling experience to the next level with this budget-friendly grill WDZCZDoo 3-Burner Gas Grill, the perfect choice for delicious and healthy outdoor cooking.

8. Flame King YSNVT-301 Multi-Function Portable BBQ Grill

A green and black bbq grill on a white background.

The Flame King YSNVT-301 Multi-Function Portable BBQ Grill is the ultimate companion for outdoor cooking adventures.

Its adjustable heat control, boasting an 8000 BTU burner, allows you to easily regulate the flame’s intensity with a simple twist of the knob, giving you precise control over your cooking.

Whether you’re camping or backpacking, this grill is designed to be taken anywhere with ease. Its 9 1/2″ x 12″ cooking surface provides a lightweight and efficient cooking area.

While the removable legs make storage and transport a breeze.

With the Flame King YSNVT-301, lighting your propane grill is hassle-free, thanks to its convenient auto ignition switch. Ensuring a quick and effortless start to your grilling experience.

What sets this grill apart is its versatility; it’s not just for BBQ.

The package includes a stove top, grill, griddle, pot, and wok cover, allowing you to prepare a wide variety of meals and dishes, making it a true multi-function cooking device.

9. Cuisinart CGG-059A Grillster

A grill with a black handle and a black lid.

The Cuisinart CGG-059A Grillster is a versatile and convenient grill designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

With a spacious 146-square-inch enameled steel cooking grate, you have ample space to prepare a variety of dishes, and its dishwasher-safe feature makes cleaning the grates effortless use after use.

The 8,000 BTU burner, equipped with a push-to-ignite start button, ensures a quick and easy start, and its compatibility with a 1 lb. propane tank grants you ultimate portability for grilling on the go.

Its locking lid securely latches down, allowing for easy and safe transport wherever your adventures take you.

An outstanding advantage of this grill is its hassle-free setup – it requires no assembly and can be ready for grilling in under 5 minutes without the need for tools or matches.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Cuisinart CGG-059A Grillster for an enjoyable and flavorful grilling experience anytime, anywhere.

10. Duke Grills Omaha Go Anywhere Portable Gas Grill

A black barbecue grill on a white background.

The Duke Go Anywhere Gas Grill is the ultimate solution for grilling enthusiasts who love to take their BBQ adventures on the road.

This easy-to-use and portable propane grill is perfectly sized and designed for convenient transport. Alowing you to enjoy your favorite grilled dishes wherever you go.

Its compact and foldable design ensures it can be easily carried for any occasion. Making it a versatile companion for outdoor activities.

With an 11,000 BTU burner compatible with 16.4 oz or 14.1 oz propane cylinders, this gas grill offers powerful and efficient grilling performance.

The foldable legs also double as handles, making it a perfect choice as a gas grill for boats, hibachi grilling, camping, both indoors and outdoors, and even for RV trips.

Accessories For Gass Grill

1. Unicook Steel Heat Plate Shield

Unicook Universal Replacement Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Shield

The Unicook Universal Replacement Heat Plate Shield is a versatile and durable option for those looking to upgrade their gas grill without breaking the bank.

This is a solid choice for anyone looking to replace their old or worn-out heat plates on their gas grill.

The adjustable size of this heat plate shield allows it to fit most gas grills, making it a versatile option for grill enthusiasts.

Plus, its porcelain-coated steel construction ensures a durable and long-lasting performance.

Overall, the Unicook Heat Plate Shield is a cost-effective and functional addition to any gas grill.

2. Chef Master Ceramic Gas Grill Self Cleaning Briquettes

Chef Master Ceramic Gas Grill Briquettes

The Chef Master Ceramic Gas Grill Self Cleaning Briquettes are a perfect option for those seeking an even cook and minimal flare-ups in their grilling experience.

This improves the overall grilling experience. The briquettes reduced flare-ups, ensuring a safer and healthier meal.

Your food cooks more evenly, eliminating cold spots that can often plague gas grills. This made for consistently perfectly cooked food every time.

The self-cleaning feature of the ceramic briquettes was an added bonus, as nobody enjoys spending more time cleaning than necessary.

The high-quality ceramic materials ensure a long lifespan, and the 50 briquettes included in the pack are enough to cover most standard grills and even a large grill.

This means they can be reused multiple times, giving great value for money.

Overall, the Chef Master Ceramic Gas Grill Self Cleaning Briquettes offer a notable improvement to the grilling experience with their ability to reduce flare-ups and ensure even cooking.

The self-cleaning feature is also a time-saving advantage.

3. SHINESTAR Universal Gas Grill Regulator and Hose

SHINESTAR Universal Gas Grill Regulator and Hose

This SHINESTAR gas grill regulator and hose is a reliable and cost-effective solution for enhancing your grilling experience.

This is an excellent replacement part when looking to fix or upgrade your gas grill.

With its universal compatibility, it will fit a wide range of grill brands such as Weber, Char-broil, Nexgrill, and more.

The regulator’s outlet pressure is 11″W.C. (1/2 PSI), allowing you to control the gas flow effectively and maintain a steady and proper level for your grilling needs.

Constructed of solid brass and weather-resistant rubber hoses, durability and a secure connection between your grill and propane tank are guaranteed.

This ensures that your propane grills function safely and efficiently throughout their use.

If you’re seeking a durable and universal gas grill regulator and hose replacement, the SHINESTAR Universal Gas Grill Regulator and Hose is a great choice with an affordable price range.

4. Blackstone Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Blackstone Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit

This conversion kit is perfect for those who want to switch their Blackstone gas grills or griddles from propane to natural gas, providing a continuous supply of fuel for more efficient grilling.

The Blackstone Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit is an excellent option for those looking to convert their Blackstone gas grills or griddles from propane to a natural gas grill.

This kit allows users to enjoy an unending supply of natural gas, making it perfect for grilling large meals or cooking for a crowd.

The 10 feet high-quality hose is durable and the solid brass fittings ensure that your setup will last for a long time.

The Blackstone Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit is a great choice for Blackstone grill and griddle users.

It offers easy installation, compatibility with various models, and high-quality components.

5. DOZYANT Propane Regulator and Hose

DOZYANT Propane Regulator and Hose

The DOZYANT Propane Regulator and Hose is a reliable, user-friendly replacement part for most LP gas grills, heaters, and fire pit tables.

This is an easy-to-use replacement part that fits most LP gas grills and heaters with a Type-1 (QCC-1) connection.

Some users have installed this on their Weber Genesis grill and found the process to be quick and simple, requiring no tools.

The 3/8″ female flare swivel nut fit perfectly, providing a secure and airtight connection.

Safety is a top priority and this propane regulator has passed CSA certification. Ensuring a secure connection while using the grill.

Overall, the DOZYANT Propane Regulator and Hose is a solid choice for those looking to replace the hose and regulator for their gas grill, heater, or fire pit table.

Buying Guide

Size and Cooking Area

When looking for the best gas grill under 100, it’s important to consider the size and cooking area of the grill.

Smaller grills are more portable and easier to store, while larger grills provide more cooking space for bigger gatherings.

Take into account the available space in your outdoor area and the number of people you typically cook for.

Heat Output

Another important factor to consider is the heat output of the grill. Which is usually measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units).

The higher the BTU rating, the more heat the grill can produce. However, it’s essential to consider the size of the grill to have an efficient heat distribution across the cooking surface.

Build Quality and Durability

Look for a grill made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel or cast aluminum for better heat retention and durability.

Check for robust construction and sturdy legs to ensure the grill remains stable during use.

Fuel Type and Efficiency

Gas grills can be fueled by either propane or natural gas. Propane is more portable and readily available, whereas natural gas requires a dedicated gas line.

Consider your fuel preferences and availability before making a decision.

Additional Features

Some useful additional features in gas grills include:

  • Side burner for additional cooking space
  • Warming rack to keep food warm before serving
  • Temperature gauges for precise heat control
  • Tool hooks for easy access to utensils
  • Grease management systems for easy cleaning

By considering these factors and features, you’ll be able to find the best gas grill under 100 that meets your needs and budget.

Gas Grills

Gas grills have become a popular choice among grill enthusiasts for their ease of use and convenience.

A compact grill with stainless steel burners offers a durable and efficient cooking experience. While built-in thermometers and control knobs allow for precise and easy control of cooking temperature.

Despite their compact size, gas grills often boast a large cooking area. Making them suitable for grilling for both small family gatherings and larger parties.

With consistent temperatures and the ability to reach high heat quickly, these grills are perfect for achieving that perfect sear on your favorite meats and vegetables.

Additionally, the grill grate ensures even cooking and beautiful grill marks.

Whether you’re planning to host a barbecue in your backyard or need an easy transport grill for your outdoor adventures, gas grills with their user-friendly features and a reasonable price tag are the perfect choice for any grill master.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to gas grills, there is a wide variety of options available in the market today.

Whether you’re grilling hot dogs for a summer cookout or searing a juicy pork chop, gas grills offer the convenience of high temperatures and quick cooking times.

Top picks like pellet grills, an electric grill, and a burner gas grill provide versatile options to suit different needs.

With features such as side tables, storage space, and cast-iron grates, gas grills like the Weber Spirit II or the Royal Gourmet offer a good idea for those with limited outdoor space or a small patio.

Additionally, the twist-start ignition, piezo ignition system, and one-touch cleaning system make grilling a breeze.

It’s a good thing that a hardware store like Home Depot offers a wide selection of gas grills. Including favorites like the Weber Q or the Smoke Hollow.

Regardless of your preferences, the best charcoal grills or gas grills with an open flame and a locking lid are available to enhance your grilling experience.

So, fire up your grill and enjoy delicious meals with family and friends all summer long.

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