15 Best Tea Kettle For Glass Cooktop In 2023

Tea kettles have long been a staple in kitchens worldwide for their ability to quickly and efficiently heat water for beverages or cooking.

In recent years, glass cooktops have gained popularity for their sleek design, ease of cleaning, and efficient heat transfer.

As such, selecting the best tea kettle for a glass cooktop has become crucial for many homeowners.

Tea kettles come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, but the key factors to consider when choosing one for your glass cooktop are its compatibility with the cooktop, heat distribution, and durability.

Some materials, like cast iron or rough-textured bottoms, can cause damage to the cooktop surface.

When selecting a tea kettle, it is important to consider options that work efficiently on a glass cooktop without causing damage, such as those made of stainless steel or coated with enamel.

In addition to compatibility, another critical aspect to consider when selecting a tea kettle for your glass cooktop is the kettle’s heat distribution.

As glass cooktops are known for even heating, your tea kettle should have a flat, broad base to ensure that the heat is properly distributed throughout the kettle, resulting in faster boiling times and less energy consumption.

Lastly, durability is essential, as investing in a high-quality tea kettle will ensure a longer lifespan and better performance over time.

With these factors in mind, we have conducted extensive research and testing on various tea kettles to identify the best options for glass cooktops that will make your tea brewing experience efficient, enjoyable, and safe.

List of The Best Stovetop Kettles

Discover the best top pick options for the best tea kettles designed specifically for glass cooktops, ensuring a perfect brew every time.

Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

The Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle offers both style and functionality, suitable for any tea enthusiast’s kitchen.


  • 3-Ply base for even heat distribution
  • Elegant and classic design
  • Works on all cooktops, including induction


  • Glass lid may be too tight for some users
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Made in China

The Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle is an excellent addition to any kitchen, with a beautiful mirror finish and a classic design.

The 3-ply base ensures even heat distribution, resulting in faster boiling and a better overall tea experience.

One of the highlights of this tea kettle is its compatibility with all cooktops, even induction cooktops.

This means you can confidently use it in any kitchen setting, ensuring your tea is always hot and ready for serving.

The riveted cast stainless steel handle ensures a comfortable grip while pouring and filling, making it user-friendly.

However, some users have mentioned that the glass lid can be too tight, making it difficult for some to remove.

Additionally, the kettle is not dishwasher safe and requires hand washing, which may be inconvenient for some users.

If you are looking for an elegant and functional tea kettle that works on all cooktops, the Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle is a great option.

Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot

Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot

The Teabloom Glass Teapot is a versatile and elegant choice for brewing and enjoying delicious teas, perfect for both daily use and special occasions.


  • High-quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use features
  • Includes two blooming teas


  • Somewhat fragile
  • Loose-fitting lid
  • Small particles from infuser may escape

The Teabloom Glass Teapot boasts a classic design that adapts well to any décor.

The teapot’s 40-ounce capacity allows for brewing up to five cups of tea, making it great for entertaining.

Additionally, the set comes with two Teabloom jasmine-infused blooming tea flowers, which are not only delicious but also visually stunning in the clear glass teapot.

However, there are a few downsides to this teapot. Its glass construction, although heat-resistant and attractive, is somewhat fragile and requires careful handling.

The lid also fits loosely, which can be a bit inconvenient during use. Lastly, I noticed that small particles managed to escape from the infuser during brewing, but this was not a significant issue.

The Teabloom Stovetop & Microwave Safe Glass Teapot with Removable Loose Tea Glass Infuser is a valuable addition to any tea enthusiast’s collection.

Its elegant design, premium materials, and thoughtful features make brewing and enjoying your favorite teas a delight.

CAFÉ BREW COLLECTION Glass Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle

CAFÉ BREW COLLECTION Glass Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle

This glass tea kettle is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, BPA-free option that’s safe to use on a variety of stove types.


  • Made with high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Assembled in the USA and BPA-free
  • Dishwasher top rack safe


  • Whistling sound may not be loud enough for some users
  • Glass handle can become hot
  • Lid can be difficult to open

The CAFÉ BREW COLLECTION Glass Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle is an excellent option for those wanting a durable, heat-resistant glass kettle for their glass cooktop.

Made with high-quality borosilicate glass from DURAN, Germany, this kettle is designed for use on electric, glass cook-top, and gas ranges without fear of damage or staining.

One of the most notable features of this kettle is its BPA-free composition, ensuring that your water remains free from potentially harmful chemicals.

The kettle is also easy to clean, thanks to its dishwasher-safe design, while the clear glass lets you monitor the water level and see when it’s boiling.

The glass handle, while visually appealing, can also become quite hot to touch once the water has boiled, so it’s essential to exercise caution when handling.

Lastly, some users found the lid to be difficult to open, especially when the kettle is hot.

Overall, the CAFÉ BREW COLLECTION Glass Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle is a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing option for those in need of a new glass tea kettle.

HIWARE 1000ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

HIWARE Glass Teapot

A versatile and durable glass teapot ideal for blooming and loose leaf tea lovers who appreciate style and functionality.


  • High-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Removable infuser for steeping loose teas or blooming teas
  • Suitable for various heat sources, including microwave, gas or electric stove tops


  • May require cautious handling due to thin glass bottom
  • Only yields about two and a half large cups of tea
  • Possible dripping issues with the spout

Hand-crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this HIWARE teapot is designed to be both sturdy and elegant.

Its ergonomic handle and non-drip spout make it easy to pour, while the removable 18/10 stainless steel infuser is perfect for steeping loose teas or blooming teas.

With its optimized thickness, this teapot promises long-lasting enjoyment for tea enthusiasts.

This stylish teapot is also suitable for various heat sources.

Whether you need to heat your water on a stove top, microwave, or even reheat your tea directly on the flame, HIWARE has you covered.

Its versatility also extends to cold brewing by allowing you to place it in the refrigerator or direct sunlight.

And when it’s time to clean, simply place it on the top rack of your dishwasher or, if you prefer, clean it by hand.

From long-term users to first-time buyers, the HIWARE 1000ml Glass Teapot has received positive reactions across the board for its attractive design and practical features.

However, some users have experienced minor dripping problems with the spout and a desire for a larger capacity.

Also, note that caution is necessary when handling the teapot due to its thin glass bottom. All in all, this teapot is a worthwhile addition to any tea aficionado’s collection.

SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle

SUSTEAS Tea Kettle

The SUSTEAS Whistling Tea Kettle is a reliable and stylish choice for those looking to purchase a quality tea kettle for glass cooktops.


  • Cool handle and push-button mechanism
  • Perfect whistling sound and large capacity
  • Innovative bottom boils water faster


  • Handle may become warm or hot
  • Paint may peel off with high heat
  • Screw on lid may come loose over time

The SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle is not only visually appealing but also boasts a functional design.

Its ergonomic handle and push-button technology make pouring effortless, while the high-quality nylon material and stainless steel prevent scalding.

The kettle’s 3-quart capacity is perfect for making tea for the whole family, and its loud whistle alerts you when the water is boiled, effectively reducing safety hazards and preventing over-boiling.

Its five-layer encapsulated bottom significantly shortens boiling time and is compatible with all cooktop types, including induction, gas, electric, halogen, and radiant cooktops.

However, there are some concerns with this kettle. Some users have reported that the handle can get warm or hot, and the paint may peel off with high heat.

Additionally, the screw on the lid may become loose over time.

Despite these drawbacks, the SUSTEAS Whistling Tea Kettle remains a popular choice for those seeking an efficient and attractive tea kettle for their glass cooktop.

LUXGRACE Whistling Tea Kettle

LUXGRACE Whistling Tea Kettle

A reliable and stylish tea kettle with solid functionality, suitable for those seeking a fast-boiling and easy-to-use option for their glass cooktop.


  • Made with food-grade materials and stainless steel
  • Features a loud and effective whistle
  • 2.6-quart capacity suitable for serving larger groups


  • Some users report cosmetic damage upon arrival
  • Handle may get hot, requiring a pot holder
  • Potential for rust on the interior lid over time

The LUXGRACE Whistling Tea Kettle is designed with both style and functionality in mind.

Its food-grade materials and stainless steel construction ensure rust and corrosion resistance, while providing a clean and modern look in any kitchen.

When using this kettle, I appreciated the speed of boiling, which saved time and energy when preparing tea for guests.

One of the key features of this tea kettle is the loud whistle, which activates once the water has reached its boiling point.

The 2.6-quart capacity was sufficient to serve a larger group, eliminating the need to refill and reheat the water multiple times.

The LUXGRACE Whistling Tea Kettle is a strong choice for those seeking a functional and attractive addition to their glass cooktop.

While potential cosmetic and rust issues may create some concern, the overall performance and convenience outweigh these drawbacks.

Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Gift Set

Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle

The Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Gift Set is an elegant and practical choice for tea enthusiasts who appreciate a high-quality borosilicate glass teapot that is perfect for stove top, microwave, and dishwasher use.


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Stovetop, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • Comes with tea leaves, blooming tea, and four double-walled glass cups


  • Glass is very fine and delicate
  • Cups have thick lips, making it slightly difficult to drink from
  • Teapot is a bit short for viewing blooming tea fully

The Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Gift Set is a beautifully designed teapot that offers convenience as it can be used on both gas and electric stovetops and heated in the microwave.

The high-quality borosilicate glass construction ensures durability, and it’s also safe to clean in the dishwasher, making hosting tea parties a breeze.

This stunning gift set also comes with four double-walled glass cups, tea leaves, and a blooming tea, making it not only a great teapot for personal use but also an impressive housewarming, wedding, or anniversary gift.

However, some users have noted that the glass is very fine and delicate, so extra care should be taken while handling the teapot and cups.

The cups also have thick lips, which may pose a slight issue while drinking, causing spills if one is not careful.

Overall, the Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser Gift Set is a fantastic purchase for tea enthusiasts who appreciate a beautifully designed, convenient, and versatile teapot.

With its elegant design, practical features, and accompanying items, this set makes for a terrific addition to any kitchen or a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Zpose Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

Zpose Glass Teapot

A versatile and stylish glass teapot that’s perfect for a variety of teas and easy to clean.


  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Easy to use with measurement scale
  • Removable stainless steel infuser


  • Requires careful handling due to glass material
  • May need a thin brush to clean the inside of the nozzle
  • Limited to 40-ounce capacity

Zpose’s Glass Teapot is a fantastic addition to any tea enthusiast’s kitchen.

Made from high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this teapot can be used on a stovetop, in a microwave, or even stored in the refrigerator.

The durable glass material ensures that the teapot will maintain its shine and clarity even after repeated use.

One of the key features of this teapot is its easy-to-use measurement scale, which helps you to brew the perfect amount of tea every time.

The spill-proof spout and ergonomic handle make it comfortable to use and provide a smooth and steady pour.

Additionally, the removable stainless steel infuser is easy to remove thanks to its handbasket-style handle, making the process of brewing loose teas, flowering teas, or fruit teas a breeze.

The Zpose Glass Teapot is easy to clean, and the metal lid and filter can be quickly removed. However, you might need a thin brush to effectively clean the inside of the nozzle.

Though the teapot is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for the best results.

Overall, the Zpose Glass Teapot is a versatile and tasteful addition to any tea lover’s collection.

Its elegant design, combined with its usefulness for various types of teas, makes it an ideal gift for friends and family or a worthy addition to your own kitchen.

SANQIAHOME 2000ml Teapot with Infuser

SANQIAHOME 2000ml Teapot

The SANQIAHOME 2000ml Teapot with Infuser is an excellent choice for tea lovers, combining functionality with elegant design.


  • Versatile, suitable for all kinds of stoves
  • Hollow stainless steel handle for durability and anti-scalding
  • Comes with a built-in infuser for brewing various teas


  • No whistle function to signal boiling water
  • Potentially too shiny for some preferences
  • Somewhat lightweight construction

The SANQIAHOME 2000ml Teapot with Infuser is a beautifully crafted stainless steel teapot that caters to all your tea-making needs with ease.

Its compatibility with different types of stoves, such as induction cookers and gas stoves, adds to its versatility and convenience.

The hollow stainless steel handle is not the only thing durable but also provides an anti-scald grip, ensuring safe and comfortable use.

One of the key features of this teapot is the built-in infuser, which allows you to brew a variety of teas effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for tea enthusiasts.

However, this teapot may not be suitable for those who prefer a whistle function to signal when the water has reached boiling point.

Its lightweight construction can be a concern for some, while others may find its shiny appearance too bold.

The SANQIAHOME 2000ml Teapot with Infuser is a well-designed and versatile teapot that offers an enjoyable tea-making experience.

Its elegant design, built-in infuser, and compatibility with different stoves make it a great addition to any kitchen.

AMFOCUS Tea Kettle Stovetop Whistling Teakettle

AMFOCUS Tea Kettle

The AMFOCUS Tea Kettle is a great choice for those seeking a durable and stylish stovetop teakettle with a fast heating base and automatic trigger spout.


  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Efficient and even heating
  • Ergonomical handle and automatic trigger spout


  • The whistling sound might not be consistent
  • Some users might find it smaller than expected
  • The exterior finish can be prone to smudging

The AMFOCUS Tea Kettle offers an attractive and functional design with its rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, perfect for use on all types of stovetops, including induction cookers, electric furnaces, and gas stovetops.

It features a thin base for efficient and even heating and an aesthetic mirror finish that can be easily maintained.

The comfortable Bakelite handle and automatic trigger spout make it easy to handle and pour your hot water with minimal risk of burns.

The 2-liter capacity allows you to serve multiple cups of tea or coffee at once, making it suitable for families or gatherings.

However, some users have reported inconsistencies with the kettle’s whistle, and the exterior finish could be prone to smudging or fingerprint marks.

With that said, the AMFOCUS Tea Kettle remains an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish, functional, and hassle-free way to brew their favorite hot beverages.

Gipfel International Whistling Tea Kettle

Gipfel International Whistling Tea Kettle

A high-quality whistling tea kettle with a classic design, ergonomic handle, and efficient performance.


  • Efficient and quick boiling
  • Induction compatible
  • Classic and stylish design


  • Whistle may not be very loud
  • Handle can get hot
  • Slightly heavy

The Gipfel International Whistling Tea Kettle is an excellent addition to any kitchen, whether you’re a tea enthusiast or simply need a reliable kettle for boiling water.

Made from food-grade stainless steel, this stovetop kettle is efficient, quick to boil, and perfect for gas, induction, and electric stovetops.

One of its main features is its induction compatible capsule bottom. This means it heats up quickly and evenly, regardless of the type of stovetop you’re using.

The sleek and classic design adds a touch of style to your kitchen, while the 2.2L capacity ensures you can make plenty of tea for yourself, your family, or unexpected guests.

The ergonomic handle of this tea kettle adds another level of functionality to its design. It can be fixed into a comfortable position, allowing for easy pouring without any hassle.

The spout is also well-designed, making for a smooth flow of water into your teacup.

However, some users have mentioned that the whistle may not be loud enough for their liking, and the handle can get hot during use.

Additionally, the kettle is slightly on the heavier side, weighing 2.55 pounds.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Gipfel International Whistling Tea Kettle is still an excellent choice for those looking for a durable, efficient, and stylish tea kettle that will last them for many years to come.



The POLIVIAR Tea Kettle is a stylish and functional choice for those seeking a durable kettle suitable for all heat sources.


  • Anti-rust finish for longevity
  • Loud and audible whistle
  • Anti-hot handle for safe handling


  • Made in China
  • Not as quick on induction hobs
  • Lightweight construction

The POLIVIAR Tea Kettle features a 2.7-quart capacity and is made of food-grade stainless steel with an anti-rust finish.

Its natural stone finish and wood pattern handle give it a unique and attractive appearance that will surely enhance any kitchen’s decor.

The silicone-coated handle ensures you can safely pour hot water without risking burns or discomfort.

One of the key advantages of this kettle is its loud and audible whistle, which ensures you won’t miss it even when busy with other tasks.

This can save you time and reduce the risk of boiling the kettle dry. Designed with a generous 8-inch base, the kettle heats up quickly and efficiently on gas, electric, and induction cooktops.

However, some users have noted that it’s not quite as quick on induction hobs compared to other heat sources.

The POLIVIAR Tea Kettle is a stylish and practical option for those seeking a reliable and versatile kettle. Its attractive design and quality materials make it a great choice for any kitchen.

However, if you’re looking for a kettle specifically designed for induction cooktops or a heavier construction, you may want to consider other options.

Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool

Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle

The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a safe, efficient and stylish tea kettle for their glass cooktop.


  • iCool handle for safety
  • Enhanced heating performance with 5-ply encapsulated base
  • 2 premium tea infusers included


  • Heavier compared to some other models
  • Whistle may not be loud enough for some
  • Handle may still get hot for some users

The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle is ideal for glass cooktops due to its 5-ply encapsulated base that features an iron layer between two aluminum layers, ensuring fast and even heating.

This stovetop tea kettle is compatible with all stovetops, including induction.

One standout feature of this tea kettle is the iCool handle, which uses thermal protection technology to cool down quickly after turning the stove off.

The ergonomic push-button pouring mechanism makes serving tea safe and easy without the need to touch any hot metal parts.

Apart from its main features, the Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle comes with two premium tea infusers, making it perfect for brewing tea for just a few people or a houseful of guests.

The kettle has a large 3-quart capacity and generates a pleasant whistling sound when water is boiled, serving as a convenient and audible reminder.

The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle is a top-of-the-line choice for a safe, efficient and stylish tea kettle that complements any glass cooktop.

It delivers both functionality and aesthetics, making it a great addition to your kitchen.

POLIVIAR 7379 Tea Kettle


The POLIVIAR Tea Kettle is an excellent option for your glass cooktop, combining attractive design with great performance and functionality.


  • Rust and corrosion-resistant material
  • Audible whistle
  • Anti-hot handle


  • May start to change color with use
  • Thin metal construction
  • Some reported issues with screws

The POLIVIAR 7379 Tea Kettle is made with food-grade stainless steel and an electroplated finish, ensuring its durability and longevity.

This kettle is suitable for all heat sources, including gas, electric, and induction.

The 2.7-quart capacity provides ample room for boiling enough water for multiple cups of tea.

The audible whistle is a convenient feature, allowing you to multitask while ensuring you won’t forget about the kettle on the stove.

Its silicone-coated handle ensures a comfortable and safe grip while pouring, preventing the risk of burns.

Additionally, the one-touch button offers easy open and close functionality for quick, one-hand pouring.

One downside to this kettle is that the metal construction may be thinner than desired, causing some discoloration or dents over time.

Some users have also reported issues with misaligned screws, but that seems to be a rare occurrence.

Overall, the POLIVIAR 7379 Tea Kettle is a stylish and functional teapot perfect for anyone looking for a great addition to their glass cooktop.

With its attractive design, whistle feature, and anti-hot handle, it’s both a practical and a beautiful choice for your kitchen.

Ehugos 1500ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser

Ehugos Glass Teapot

This Ehugos glass teapot is a versatile and stylish choice for those seeking a high-quality tea kettle for their glass cooktop.


  • Made of durable, lightweight Borosilicate Glass
  • 3-in-1 Stove Top, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
  • Removable Stainless Steel Strainer


  • Glass may feel thin to some users
  • The handle may become hot during use
  • Capacity may not be enough for some tea drinkers

The Ehugos 1500ml glass teapot is not only visually pleasing, but also highly functional with its eco-friendly and healthy Borosilicate Glass construction.

This lightweight and durable glass can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it a safe and convenient option for glass cooktops, microwaves, and even dishwashers.

The removable stainless steel infuser is a welcome addition to the teapot, allowing you to steep loose leaf tea with ease and precision.

The large size of the teapot is perfect for steeping tea to last you throughout the day or for serving multiple guests.

Additionally, the streamlined kettle outlet helps control the flow of water, preventing splashing and providing a smoother pouring experience.

While the Ehugos glass teapot has many positive aspects, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider.

Some users may find the glass to be thinner than expected, which might cause concerns about its durability.

Additionally, the handle may become hot during use, so caution is advised when pouring.

Overall, the Ehugos 1500ml glass teapot with a removable infuser is a solid choice for anyone seeking a versatile, stylish, and functional tea kettle for their glass cooktop.

Brewing Tea

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea, tea kettles play a crucial role.

Electric kettles like the OXO Brew Classic and Cuisinart Aura have become popular choices due to their convenience and efficiency.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, stovetop models such as Le Creuset and larger kettles are still highly regarded.

Stainless steel tea kettles with a heat-resistant handle and a stainless steel lid are ideal for longevity and durability.

To infuse loose-leaf tea, a stainless steel mesh infuser or a French press can be used inside the kettle.

The gooseneck spout and pour spout ensure a precise pour-over, while the silicone handle on the kettle’s handle prevents burns.

Some teapots also come with a spout cover for heat retention. With tea time in mind, an electric glass tea kettle offers the advantage of visually monitoring the heating process.

Regardless of the different materials and designs, tea kettles remain the best thing to enhance your tea experience.

Making Tea

One of the best ways to make tea is by using kettles, specifically stainless steel tea kettles.

To start, fill the kettle with the desired amount of water and place it on a heat source with a reliable heating element.

It won’t take long for the water to boil, especially if you opt for a larger kettle.

Pay attention to the water temperature, as different teas require specific temperatures for the optimal brew.

Once the water reaches a full boil, you can add the tea leaves or tea bags into a tea infuser and place it inside the kettle.

Traditional stovetop kettles and gooseneck kettles are excellent choices for a precise pouring technique during the brewing process.

For those who prefer visually monitoring the boiling water, the best glass tea kettle is a great option.

Tea pots made from durable materials, such as stainless steel, are also highly recommended.

With these best kettles and teapots, you can enjoy a flavorful cup of black tea, prepared with care and precision.

Don’t forget to handle the tea kettle’s handle with caution, as it can get hot during use.

Buying Guide


When choosing the best tea kettle for your glass cooktop, the material is an important aspect to consider. The main materials you will encounter are:

  • Stainless steel: Durable, resistant to rust and staining, and lightweight.
  • Cast iron: Excellent heat retention but can be heavy and require more maintenance.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and affordable but may not be as durable as other materials.


Pay attention to the kettle’s design, especially the handle and spout. A comfortable handle is essential for easy lifting and pouring.

A spout with a built-in whistle can be helpful in alerting you when the water is boiling.

Additionally, make sure the kettle has a flat base to make proper contact with the glass cooktop.


Tea kettles come in various sizes, so consider your needs and preferences. If you often make tea for multiple people, opt for a larger capacity kettle.

If you typically only make tea for one or two people, a smaller kettle may be more suitable and space-saving.

Heat distribution

The efficiency of a tea kettle comes down to its ability to distribute heat evenly. A well-designed kettle will heat up quickly and evenly, saving you time and energy costs.

Look for kettles with a thick, flat base, as they are usually better at heat distribution.

Safety features

To ensure safety, look for kettles that have an automatic shut-off feature, which will turn off the kettle when the water reaches boiling or if it’s empty.

Additionally, a stay-cool handle will protect your hands from burns.


Choose a kettle that is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel kettles typically require less maintenance compared to cast iron kettles, which may need to be seasoned to prevent rust.

By considering these factors, you can confidently choose the best tea kettle for your glass cooktop.

Tips to Remember

When using tea kettles, there are several tips to keep in mind for a great tea-making experience.

If you have a gas stove, ensure that you place the stainless steel tea kettle on a burner that matches its size to promote even heat distribution.

For glass stovetops, exercise caution as some kettles may not be compatible due to their weight or material.

Regardless of the heat source, be patient as water boils, especially when boiling a larger amount of water, as it may take a long time.

Consider investing in top picks like the OXO Brew Classic tea kettle with its boil-dry protection and heatproof handle.

Some kettles come in different colors, allowing you to match them with your kitchen decor.

While tea kettles are primarily for boiling water, they can also be used for pour-over coffee by substituting tea bags with coffee grounds.

Always start with cold water to ensure the perfect temperature for brewing. If you have a glass top stove, be careful not to drag the kettle across the surface to avoid scratching it.

Inside of the kettle you can mark water lines for easy measurement.

For those who prefer herbal teas, having a designated kettle for this purpose is a good idea due to the strong flavors.

When it comes to storage, opt for kettles with a smaller size for easy storage in your kitchen cabinets.

Lastly, electric glass tea kettles are a popular choice for their convenience and quick boiling capabilities.

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee using the best stovetop kettles and teapots available.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, tea kettles are essential tools for tea enthusiasts and anyone who wants to boil water efficiently.

Whether you’re using an electric stovetop or a traditional one, there are top picks available to suit your needs.

Boiling much water becomes a breeze with these favorite kettles, even if you encounter some unusual traffic on your computer network.

Remember to exercise caution and use low heat when boiling water, ensuring the safety of both the kettle and yourself.

Inside the kettle, you can find markings for easy measurement, making it convenient to prepare a single cup of water or brew a larger batch of tea.

Tea bags are a popular choice for a quick and easy cup, while green tea lovers have good reason to explore the best teapots for loose-leaf varieties.

For those who value convenience, electric glass tea kettles offer a stylish and efficient solution.

Whether you’re a tea bag user or a loose-leaf connoisseur, finding the best electric kettle will elevate your tea experience to new heights.

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