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How To Make Coffee Irish Cream Breve Recipe

Irish Cream Breve is a delightful twist on a classic breve beverage, featuring rich flavors and a creamy, indulgent texture. Here’s the scoop on Irish cream breve recipe!

cup of iced coffee on wooden table

This Irish coffee drink is perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking to elevate their morning coffee routine or for a special treat on a cozy day. 

Infused with the smooth Irish cream taste, this recipe combines the boldness of espresso with the silkiness of steamed half and half for a full-flavored, satisfying experience.

The process of making an Irish Cream Breve is quite simple and requires only a few ingredients, including espresso, Irish Cream syrup, and half-and-half, all of which could be bought at grocery stores. 

This allows for an easy and enjoyable preparation, ensuring that even those new to coffee brewing can enjoy this delightful concoction with a unique flavor. 

Additionally, as the ingredients and preparation methods can be easily adapted to one’s preferences, the Irish Cream Breve can cater to a wide range of tastes.

Here’s the scoop on creating the perfect Irish Cream Breve in this copycat recipe, focusing on key techniques and tips to achieve the best results.

What Is Irish Cream Breve

tall glass of irish cream breve with cinnamon

Irish Cream Breve is a popular drink in the United States which combines the rich flavors of Irish Cream with the smooth, velvety texture of a breve latte. 

A breve is a type of coffee drink made with equal parts of espresso and steamed half-and-half instead of milk. 

This creates a creamier and richer taste compared to a traditional latte, which uses milk.

Irish Cream, a key component of the drink, is a cream liqueur that incorporates Irish whiskey, cream, and often chocolate or coffee flavors. 

In the case of an Irish Cream Breve, non-alcoholic Irish Cream syrup is used to achieve the distinct taste without the alcohol content of traditional Irish Cream liqueur.

The process of making an Irish Cream Breve includes the following steps:

  1. Espresso: The drink starts with a shot or two of freshly brewed espresso. A strong, high-quality espresso shot provides the necessary base flavor for one of the most delicious beverages you’ll ever make.
  2. Irish Cream Syrup: A generous amount of Irish Cream syrup is added to the espresso, infusing the drink with its signature sweet and creamy taste. This can be adjusted according to taste preference.
  3. Steamed Half-and-Half: Steamed half-and-half is then poured into the concoction, creating a velvety and rich texture that contrasts with the boldness of the espresso. Use a steam wand for this step. 
  4. Optional Toppings: The drink can be finished off with a dollop of whipped cream or a dusting of cocoa powder, adding an extra touch of decadence. The whip cream provides additional creamy flavor to your dessert drink, whether a hot or iced coffee. If you want to avoid the sweet flavor of chocolate or cocoa, try peanut butter powder for your breve coffee instead. 

      The Irish Cream Breve can be enjoyed hot or iced, and its popularity extends to various coffee shops and chains worldwide. 

      Dutch Bros, for instance, offers this drink under the name “Kicker.” 

      You can find the Dutch Bros kicker recipe online if you’re looking for extra guidance to make this kicker drink. 

      Additionally, they have a version called “9-1-1” which includes a whopping six shots of espresso for those seeking an extra jolt.

      An Irish cream breve is one of the most delightful coffee beverages that merges the indulgent flavors of Irish Cream with the rich and creamy base of a perfect breve, offering a unique and satisfying experience for coffee lovers.


      glasses if irish cream breve coffee

      Main Components

      The main components for an Irish Cream Breve recipe include:

      • 1/4 cup of Irish Cream: You can use a store-bought brand such as Bailey’s, or make your own homemade Irish Cream by combining ingredients like cold cream, whiskey, sugar, and chocolate syrup for an Irish cream creamer taste. 
      • 1 cup of half-and-half cream: This is a mixture of equal parts whole milk and light cream, usually with a fat content of 10% to 12%. So, you have half milk and half cream. 
      • 1 or 2 shots of espresso: Depending on your desired coffee strength, use 1 or 2 shots of freshly brewed espresso.
      • 1 tablespoon of sugar (optional): Adjust this amount according to your preferred level of sweetness.

      Optional Additions

      For additional flavor or decoration, you may consider adding the following to your Irish Cream Breve recipe:

      • Chocolate syrup: Drizzle on top for a hint of chocolate flavor and visual effect. You could also use hazelnut syrup or caramel syrup instead. 
      • Whipped cream: Add a dollop on top of your breve for a touch of creaminess and indulgence. Take this popular choice for breve coffee to the next level, and make it into an Irish cream Frappuccino with the use of some whipped cream. 
      • Vanilla extract: Add a few drops to your espresso or Irish Cream for a subtle hint of vanilla flavor. You could also use vanilla syrup instead. 
      • Cocoa powder or chocolate shavings: A sprinkle of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings on top of whipped cream or directly onto the beverage provides for an extra chocolatey touch. The cocoa powder has a natural sweetness to it, making it a perfect treat on your creamy coffee drink. 

      Remember to keep the optional additions in moderation to maintain the integrity and flavor of your Irish cream coffee.

      This delicious beverage should be on every holiday menu! 

      The Recipe

      short glass of coffee and coffee beans

      Hot Preparation

      To create a hot Irish Cream Breve, you’ll need the following ingredients:

      • 1 cup water
      • 2 tsp white sugar
      • 1 tsp vanilla extract
      • Pinch of almond extract
      • 1 tsp coconut extract
      • 1 oz Irish whiskey (optional)
      • 1/2 cup half-and-half

      Here are the steps for preparation:

      1. In a microwave-safe bowl, pour the water and add the white sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and coconut extract. Whisk them together.
      2. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until boiling.
      3. In a saucepan, heat half-and-half until hot but not boiling.
      4. If using, add the Irish whiskey to the saucepan.
      5. Pour the hot syrup mixture into your cup of coffee, followed by the hot half-and-half mixture.
      6. Whisk vigorously to create a creamy foam on top of the hot coffee.

            Iced Preparation

            To make an iced Irish Cream Breve, follow the steps for the hot preparation but with a few alterations:

            1. Add ice to the hot Irish Cream breve mixture after step 5.
            2. Replace hot half-and-half with cold half-and-half.
            3. Stir well and serve.

              Blended Preparation

              For a blended Irish Cream Breve, you’ll need:

              • All ingredients mentioned in the hot preparation
              • 1 cup ice

              Here’s how to make it:

              1. Prepare the syrup mixture as in the hot preparation.
              2. In a blender, combine the syrup, half-and-half, Irish whiskey (optional), and ice.
              3. Blend until smooth and frothy.
              4. Pour into a glass and serve immediately.

                  The Irish Cream Breve is a versatile drink, offering a delicious and sweet taste, whether you choose the hot, iced or blended preparation. 

                  This creamy beverage has a caloric and fat content that varies depending on ingredients used. 

                  By using half-and-half, you can achieve a balance of taste and lower fat content. 

                  You could also check out the Human Bean website for their Irish Cream Breve. 

                  Equipment and Tools

                  tall and short glass of iced coffees

                  When it comes to preparing an Irish Cream Breve, having the right equipment and tools on hand makes the process smooth and efficient. 

                  Let’s explore the key items you will need:

                  First and foremost, you will need a microwave-safe bowl. 

                  This will be used to heat and mix the delicious Irish Cream syrup, which consists of water, white sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and coconut extract

                  The bowl should be large enough to accommodate the mixture and allow it to boil without spilling over.

                  A saucepan will come in handy for heating the cream used in the breve. 

                  Ensure the saucepan you are using has a heavy bottom and is the right size to heat the required amount of cream without the risk of it boiling over.

                  Additionally, a brewed coffee of your choice will be necessary for the base of the Irish Cream Breve. 

                  Make sure you have a good-quality coffee maker to ensure a strong brewed coffee and flavorful coffee to complement the Irish Cream syrup.

                  Whip Cream

                  When it comes time to whip the cream, a blender can be utilized to quickly achieve the desired consistency. 

                  A hand-held whisk will also work and can be used to create a frothy texture in the heated cream.

                  Considering that the Irish Cream Breve is consumed as a hot beverage, having a coffee mug that is both visually appealing and comfortable to hold will enhance the overall experience. 

                  Choose a mug that reflects your personal style, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice!

                  Although an oven is not necessary for the preparation of an Irish Cream Breve, it is worth mentioning that there are variations of this recipe, such as Irish Cream Crème Brûlée, which would require an oven for baking purposes. 

                  If you decide to explore different Irish Cream recipes, having access to an oven will open up a range of possibilities.

                  With all the necessary equipment and tools at your disposal, you are well on your way to crafting the perfect Irish Cream Breve. 

                  Homemade Irish Cream Options

                  glass of coffee with ice cube

                  When it comes to creating a delicious Irish Cream Breve, there are several options to make your own homemade Irish cream. 

                  Using the right ingredients, you can easily create a creamy concoction that rivals store-bought mixes. 

                  Here are a few ideas to try when making your homemade Irish cream.

                  To create your own Irish cream syrup, mix together sweetened condensed milk, Irish whiskey, heavy cream, and chocolate syrup. 

                  Enhance the flavor with additions like:

                  • Vanilla extract: This ingredient adds a rich, sweet depth to the Irish cream’s flavor.
                  • Almond extract: Giving a nutty dimension to the mixture, almond extract pairs well with the other flavors.
                  • Ground coffee: For a more pronounced coffee flavor, adding ground coffee can elevate the taste of your homemade Irish cream.

                  For a non-alcoholic option, you can replace the whiskey with water or milk. 

                  This will yield a similar flavor without the alcohol content.

                  Another idea is to create a cocoa powder mixture for a more chocolate-heavy version. 

                  To do this, whisk together water, white sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and coconut extract. 

                  Heat this mixture in the microwave and then whisk in cocoa powder until smooth.

                  Here is a recommended ingredient list:

                  Sweetened condensed milk14 oz (1 can)
                  Irish whiskey1 cup
                  Heavy cream1 cup
                  Chocolate syrup2 tablespoons
                  Ground coffee1 teaspoon
                  Vanilla extract1 teaspoon
                  Almond extract1/2 teaspoon

                  Blend all the ingredients for a total time of 20 to 30 seconds or until smooth and well combined. 

                  Pour the mixture into a clean glass bottle or jar with a tight-fitting lid.

                  Remember to store your homemade Irish cream in the refrigerator, as it contains fresh cream. 

                  It should last for 2 months if properly stored.

                  Step-by-Step Instructions

                  tall skinny glasses of coffee

                  To make an Irish Cream Breve, follow these steps:

                  1. Prepare the Irish Cream syrup: In a microwave-safe bowl, whisk together 1/4 cup of water, 1/2 cup of white sugar, 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, 1/4 tsp of almond extract, and 1/4 tsp of coconut extract. Heat this mixture in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until boiling. Remove and whisk in 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. Heat the mixture again in the microwave for another minute, or until it starts boiling.
                  2. Steam the half-and-half: Pour 1 cup of half-and-half into a microwave-safe measuring cup and heat it on high for 1 minute, or until small bubbles form around the edge of the cup. Whisk the half-and-half vigorously to create foam. Set the cold foam aside for later use.
                  3. Brew the espresso: Prepare 2 shots of espresso using an espresso machine, portable espresso maker, or stovetop Moka pot. You could also opt for a French press instead. 
                  4. Assemble the beverage: Pour the brewed espresso into a coffee mug. Add 2 tablespoons of the prepared Irish Cream syrup to the espresso and stir until combined. Gently pour in the steamed half-and-half, reserving the foam for the final step.
                  5. Top with foam: Spoon the foam from the steamed half-and-half onto the top of the beverage. You may also choose to garnish with a dusting of cocoa powder, if desired, which is sure to remind you of hot chocolate. 

                        Serve your Irish Cream Breve immediately, and enjoy the rich, creamy flavors.

                        tall short glasses of iced coffees

                        Here’s the scoop on some popular variations of the Irish Cream Breve that incorporate various brewing methods and flavors, such as the Dutch Bros Kicker, nitro, and cold brew.

                        Here are some different ways to make this delicious beverage the next time you start looking for a twist:

                        Dutch Bros Kicker

                        The Dutch Bros Kicker is a delicious twist on the classic Irish Cream Breve that includes a strong espresso kick. 

                        To make this variation, start by preparing a shot of espresso. 

                        In a shaker, combine the espresso, Irish cream syrup, and half-and-half. 

                        Shake well for 30 seconds to a minute, then pour over 3/4 cup of ice in a tall glass. 

                        This recipe delivers a bold and enticing flavor that can please even the most discerning palates.

                        Nitro Irish Cream Breve

                        For an ultra-smooth and frothy texture, try the Nitro Irish Cream Breve. 

                        This version starts with cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas, which produces a creamy, velvety mouthfeel. 

                        To make the Nitro Irish Cream Breve, fill a glass with nitro cold brew coffee, add Irish cream syrup, and gently stir. 

                        Finish it off with a dollop of whipped half-and-half, and enjoy the rich and creamy concoction that’s perfect for hot summer days.

                        Cold Brew Irish Cream Breve

                        If you’re a fan of cold brew coffee, the Cold Brew Irish Cream Breve is an excellent variation to try. 

                        Cold brew coffee is prepared by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, resulting in a smoother, less acidic taste. 

                        To prepare this variation, mix cold brew coffee with Irish cream syrup in a glass and carefully pour it over ice. 

                        Top with a splash of half-and-half, and you have a refreshingly smooth and creamy iced breve beverage that’s perfect for sipping on a warm day. 

                        You could also check out Starbucks’ Irish Cream Cold Brew recipe, which uses a dark roast, for more guidance. 

                        Nutritional Information

                        iced coffee in mug with whipped coffee

                        Irish Cream Breve is a delicious coffee beverage that combines Irish cream flavor, rich espresso, and frothy half & half. 

                        The nutritional content of this drink can vary depending on the serving size (whether a small size, medium size, or large size), and specific ingredients used. 

                        Below is the approximate nutritional information for a 12 oz Irish Cream Breve:

                        • Calories: 404
                        • Carbohydrates: 35 g 
                        • Fat: 11 g fat 
                        • Saturated Fat: saturated fat amount not determined
                        • Sugar: sugar content amount not determined
                        • Protein: 9 g 
                        • Sodium: sodium amount not determined
                        • Cholesterol: cholesterol amount not determined

                        When looking at the nutritional information, it is essential to keep in mind that these numbers are only an estimate and can vary based on the brand and type of Irish cream flavor, espresso, and half and half used.

                        In addition to the nutrition facts mentioned above, it is worth noting that the preparation time for an Irish Cream Breve is relatively short. 

                        It typically takes just a few minutes to heat the mixture in the microwave and whisk it together.

                        To make your Irish Cream Breve healthier, consider making some adjustments to the ingredients used. 

                        For example, you can:

                        • Choose a sugar-free Irish cream syrup
                        • Use a low-fat or dairy-free milk alternative instead of half and half (such as soy milk or an oat milk kicker)
                        • Opt for a decaffeinated espresso if you are sensitive to caffeine

                        The great part is that all of these healthy ingredients can be found at your local grocery store, making the entire process easier. 

                        Remember that moderation is key when enjoying a rich and creamy beverage like the Irish Cream Breve. 

                        Enjoy it as a treat on occasion, but try to balance your overall diet with nutrient-dense foods and adequate hydration.

                        Complementary Pairings

                        coffee in short glass

                        Irish Cream Breve is a rich and creamy coffee beverage that is perfect for sipping on a relaxing afternoon or as a special treat. 

                        It pairs well with a variety of flavors, making it versatile and easy to enjoy with different dishes. 

                        Here’s the scoop on some of the best pairings for Irish Cream Breve, focusing on caramel and desserts.

                        Caramel is a top choice when it comes to pairing with Irish Cream Breve. 

                        The rich, buttery flavor of caramel complements the sweetness of the beverage, creating a delightful experience for your taste buds. 

                        Some specific caramel pairings to consider include:

                        • Caramel drizzle: Simply drizzle caramel sauce over your Irish Cream Breve to add an extra layer of flavor.
                        • Caramel-flavored pastries: Serve your beverage alongside caramel macarons, caramel shortbread cookies, or even a slice of caramel cheesecake.
                        • Salted caramel: The contrast of sweet and salty in salted caramel treats, such as chocolate-covered pretzels or truffles, is a great match for the creamy coffee.

                        When it comes to desserts, Irish Cream Breve is a fantastic accompaniment to various sweet treats. 

                        Some popular dessert pairings include:

                        • Chocolate: The classic combination of coffee and chocolate is a no-brainer. Try your Irish Cream Breve with a chocolate lava cake, chocolate chip cookies, or a rich chocolate mousse.
                        • Cheesecake: The smooth, creamy texture of cheesecake pairs well with a velvety Irish Cream Breve. Choose your favorite cheesecake flavor or stick to the classic New York-style.
                        • Fruit-topped pastries: Balance the richness of the Irish Cream Breve with a lighter dessert like fruit tarts or mixed berry scones.

                        By combining Irish Cream Breve with caramel elements or indulgent desserts, you can enhance the flavor profile of the beverage and create a delightful treat for the senses. 

                        Experiment with different pairings to find your own favorite combinations.

                        Frequently Asked Questions

                        Is Irish Cream Breve alcoholic?

                        No, the Irish Cream Breve is a non-alcoholic beverage, unlike the White Russians. 

                        It is made with Irish Cream-flavored syrup, which does not contain alcohol or any coffee liqueurs.

                        The name “Irish Cream” comes from the flavor of the syrup, which resembles the taste of traditional Irish Cream liqueur.

                        What is the main difference between an Irish Cream Breve and a Latte?

                        The main difference between the two coffee drinks is the type of milk used. 

                        In an Irish Cream Breve, half-and-half cream (a mix of milk and cream) is steamed and added to the espresso and Irish Cream syrup. 

                        In a latte, steamed milk is used instead. 

                        The use of half-and-half in a Breve gives it a richer and creamier texture than a latte.

                        What type of coffee should I use for an Irish Cream Breve?

                        A strong coffee, like espresso, is recommended for making an Irish Cream Breve. 

                        The bold flavor of the coffee will complement the sweet and rich taste of the Irish Cream syrup and steamed half-and-half.

                        Can I make my own Irish Cream flavored syrup at home?

                        Yes, you can easily make your own Irish Cream flavored syrup at home. 

                        Follow these simple steps:

                        1. Combine 1 cup of water, 1 cup of white sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of almond extract, and a pinch of coconut extract in a microwave-safe bowl.
                        2. Whisk the ingredients together and heat the mixture in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until it reaches a boiling point.
                        3. Remove the mixture from the microwave and use it in your Irish Cream Breve.

                            Can I customize the strength and flavor of my Irish Cream Breve?

                            Absolutely! You can adjust the strength of your coffee by choosing different espresso shots or adjusting the coffee-to-milk ratio. 

                            To enhance the flavor, try adding more Irish Cream syrup or experimenting with additional flavored syrups for a unique twist.

                            Final Thoughts

                            The Irish cream breve recipe offers a luxurious and indulgent experience for coffee lovers.

                            By combining the smooth richness of Irish cream liqueur with creamy half-and-half or milk, this recipe creates a velvety and decadent breve.

                            The addition of espresso adds a bold and robust flavor, balancing perfectly with the sweet and creamy Irish cream.

                            Whether enjoyed as a special treat or a cozy indulgence, the Irish cream breve is a delightful option for those seeking a gourmet coffee experience.

                            The recipe can be easily customized to suit individual preferences, allowing for variations in the ratios of ingredients or the addition of other flavorings.

                            Elevate your coffee enjoyment with the indulgence of the Irish cream breve and savor the delightful blend of flavors it brings to your cup.

                            Irish cream breve recipe Pinterest image

                            Irish Cream Breve Recipe

                            cup of iced coffee on wooden table

                            Irish Cream Breve is a delightful twist on a classic breve beverage, featuring rich flavors and a creamy, indulgent texture. 

                            Prep Time 5 minutes
                            Cook Time 5 minutes
                            Total Time 10 minutes


                            • 1 cup water
                            • 2 tsp white sugar
                            • 1 tsp vanilla extract
                            • Pinch of almond extract
                            • 1 tsp coconut extract
                            • 1 oz Irish whiskey (optional)
                            • 1/2 cup half-and-half


                            1. In a microwave-safe bowl, pour the water and add the white sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and coconut extract. Whisk them together.
                            2. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until boiling.
                            3. In a saucepan, heat half-and-half until hot but not boiling.
                            4. If using, add the Irish whiskey to the saucepan.
                            5. Pour the hot syrup mixture into your cup of coffee, followed by the hot half-and-half mixture.
                            6. Whisk vigorously to create a creamy foam on top of the hot coffee.

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