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10 Best Coffee For Backpacking And Camping 2023

When it comes to coffee for backpacking, selecting the right option can make all the difference in your outdoor adventures. Here’s the scoop on the best coffee for backpacking!

Two blue mugs and a lantern on a rock.

For many coffee drinkers, a dark roast is the top pick. Offering a robust and bold flavor that’s perfect for kickstarting a day on the trails.

However, the dilemma often arises between taste and practicality. Carrying extra weight is a concern, and so is the potential extra cost of premium coffee.

Yet, for those who treasure their morning cup, the indulgence can be worth it.

With lightweight and compact coffee solutions available, finding a balance between taste and convenience becomes achievable.

So, whether you’re sipping on a steaming dark roast against a scenic backdrop or prioritizing efficiency, there’s a way to enjoy your favorite brew while embracing the spirit of backpacking.

Embarking on a camping or backpacking adventure often leads to a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures in life – the rustle of leaves underfoot, the shimmer of starlight, and the first sip of a steaming cup of coffee.

Among the array of options available, the quest for the best coffee for camping and backpacking brings us to a crossroads where convenience meets flavor, and the allure of that perfect brew beckons with irresistible charm.

Whether you’re venturing into the wilderness with a group of fellow explorers or seeking solace in the serenity of nature, the importance of a good cup of coffee is undeniable.

From the ease of best instant coffee found in grocery stores to the robust allure of freshly ground coffee beans, each option holds its place for a good reason.

Backpacking Coffee

As the aroma of camp coffee mingles with the crisp morning air, we explore the best options. They cater to different preferences and group sizes.

Indulging in the simplicity of coffee black or embracing the versatility of a well-brewed black coffee.

Whether you’re adept at the art of boiling water or a seasoned camper seeking a better way to savor your daily cup, the trail leads to a plethora of good things.

The promise of a warm, aromatic beverage that uplifts your spirits and fuels your adventure.

Join us as we delve into the world of best coffee makers, the merits of non-dairy creamer, and the authentic experience of the real thing.

Uncovering a great way to enhance your camping and backpacking journey with the great flavor and invigorating boost of caffeine.

Amidst the backdrop of nature’s beauty and the camaraderie of companions, the enchanting aroma of a freshly brewed cup becomes a symbol of the joy, comfort, and long-lasting memories that only a good coffee can provide.

Best Coffee for Backpacking

When embarking on outdoor adventures with large groups, having the right coffee for backpacking and camping is a crucial consideration.

Whether it’s your first ascent or you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, finding a good option that satisfies everyone’s caffeine cravings can make all the difference.

Even though it can take a long time to boil water over a campfire or portable stove, it becomes a great option to unlock the rich coffee flavor that fuels your journey.

For those seeking a potent kick of energy, options with much caffeine are available.

And when it comes to sustainability, repurposing used coffee grounds is not only a good way to minimize waste but also offers a long-lasting solution for enjoying your favorite brew amidst the wilderness.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves a good cup of joe to kickstart your day, we’ve got you covered. Below is our curated list of the best coffee options for backpackers.

1. Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee offers a convenient and tasty option for backpackers looking for dairy-free and non-GMO coffee.

The first thing you’ll notice about Alpine Start’s Premium Instant Coffee is its rich, bold flavor. A pleasant surprise for an instant coffee.

Made from 100% high-altitude Colombian Arabica beans, it delivers a satisfying cup of coffee.

Simply dissolve the contents of one packet in 8 ounces of water, and you’re good to go.

The individual packets are lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack. Ensuring you won’t be weighed down by bulky coffee gear on your outdoor adventures.

2. Kuju Coffee Premium Pour Over Packs

Kuju Coffee

Kuju is perfect for backpackers seeking a delicious, convenient, and eco-friendly coffee option while on the go.

The Kuju Coffee has created an easy-to-use and enjoyable option. Especially for those needing their caffeine fix while backpacking, camping, or traveling.

The Premium Pour Over Packs feature a medium roast blend of 100% Arabica beans. Brewing the coffee is simple and takes just a minute or two with hot water added to the single serve pouch.

The Kuju Coffee has a facility responsible for producing these single serve pour over packets that are run entirely on wind power. Plus the packaging is conscious of reducing waste. 

The exceptional taste and convenience of the Kuju Coffee Premium Pour Over Packs make them a worthy investment.

3. Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee is an excellent choice for backpackers seeking convenience without compromising taste and quality.

This instant coffee not only delivers rich flavor but is also convenient to carry along on any backpacking adventure.

Made with 100% Colombian Arabica coffee, this instant coffee is designed for those who appreciate a delicious brew.

Its portability and ease of use are unmatched, as each lightweight packet is perfect for on-the-go.

To enjoy a cup, simply dissolve the coffee in 8 ounces of hot or cold water and customize it with your desired milk or non-dairy substitute.

The medium roast original blend is compatible with diverse diets, making it an inclusive choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Alpine is a fantastic option for backpackers who desire a convenient yet tasty coffee solution while exploring nature.

Its rich taste, suitability for various dietary preferences, and lightweight, portable design make it a must-have item for any outdoor excursion.

4. VitaCup Hydration Coffee Packets

Vitacup hydration coffee and electrolytes.

Experience a game-changing revelation with VitaCup Hydration Coffee Packets, where the coffee myth of dehydration is delightfully debunked.

This mellow and smooth medium roast coffee not only rejuvenates your senses but also keeps you hydrated, just like water.

Gone are the worries of dehydration as each stick contains natural electrolytes and trace elements akin to water. Harnessed from young coconuts to prevent those draining spells.

This brilliant blend is enriched with naturally-sourced minerals. Including Aquamin Magnesium with its 72 trace elements, easily absorbed by the body.

Infused with pink Himalayan salt, it provides sodium and chloride minerals, ensuring your body and mind are in harmony.

Elevate your coffee ritual with this innovative pack that combines the pleasure of gourmet coffee with the goodness of hydration and natural minerals.

5. Mount Hagen Single Serve Instant Coffee Packets

Mount hagen instant coffee.

Indulge in the perfect harmony of convenience and taste with Mount Hagen Single Serve Instant Coffee Packets.

When a quick coffee fix is essential, these instant coffee singles offer a solution that defies the usual expectations of instant coffee.

Through an advanced freeze-drying process, the deep flavors and aromas of fresh Arabica beans are preserved.

Resulting in a smooth, rich, and full-bodied taste that rivals even the nearest coffee store’s offerings.

These pocket-sized coffee packets are your ticket to great coffee anywhere you go. Tuck them into your backpack, briefcase, or office desk for a guaranteed coffee pick-me-up on demand.

By choosing Mount Hagen, you’re not just enjoying exceptional coffee; you’re supporting a future that’s both delicious and socially responsible.

6. Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Starbucks instant coffee in a box.

Savor the excellence of Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Packet. A testament to Starbucks’ dedication to delivering exceptional coffee cup after cup.

With the Starbucks VIA Instant Pike Place Roast, you can relish the rich taste of a medium roast coffee in the convenience of single-serve packets.

This smooth and well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees boasts subtly rich notes of chocolate and toasted nut. Making it a perfect choice for your daily coffee ritual.

Elevate your coffee experience with Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee. Savor each sip knowing you’re enjoying coffee that not only tastes great but is sourced with care for the environment and communities.

7. Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Dark Roast

Death wish coffee co - world's strongest coffee.

Embrace your mornings with a burst of power and energy from Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Dark Roast.

These Day Starter Instant Coffee Packets offer a robust and bold dark roast coffee experience that awakens your senses with its rich, intense caffeine content of 300 mg.

Crafted for those who crave flavor-rich instant coffee, this ready-to-drink organic coffee powder is your perfect companion for camping trips, plane rides, picnics, and beyond.

Ensuring you feel alive and invigorated throughout the day.

Made from a premium blend of arabica and robusta beans, each single-serve bag guarantees a gourmet coffee experience with its perfectly roasted, deliciously bold coffee grounds.

The Death Wish Coffee Promise ensures your satisfaction; if you don’t love it, they’ll happily refund you.

Making trying out this fine dark roast ground coffee completely risk-free.

Elevate your mornings and embrace the power of a great cup of coffee that’s as bold as you are.

8. Waka Quality Instant Coffee

Waka instant coffee in a box.

Indulge in the rich experience of Waka Quality Instant Coffee, where exceptional quality meets convenience.

This medium roast premium instant coffee is crafted from 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Colombia. Ensuring a truly remarkable cup every time.

Waka utilizes advanced freeze-drying technology to preserve the natural aroma and flavor of the coffee beans. Creating a delightful and additive-free coffee experience.

The delicious flavor profile is a harmonious blend of well-balanced and smooth-bodied coffee with subtle notes of citrus. Perfect for savoring at home, the office, or even while on-the-go.

Packaged with care in California, Waka Quality Instant Coffee embodies both exceptional taste and eco-conscious values.

9. IQJOE Dark Roast Instant Coffee Packets

Io joe caffeinated brain nutrients dark roast.

Elevate your daily routine with IQJOE instant coffees. Where a symphony of flavors and brain-enhancing nutrients unite for a remarkable coffee experience.

These packets unlock laser-like focus by blending rich, bold Brazilian coffee beans with a unique combination of brain-enhancing ingredients.

Including Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate, 8X-Concentrated Lion’s Mane Extract, and natural caffeine.

The result is unparalleled mental clarity and concentration, turning your coffee break into a cognitive boost.

Experience a coffee that doesn’t just awaken your senses, but also nurtures your mind.

Making IQJOE instant coffees an exceptional choice for those seeking both flavor and functional brain nutrition.

10. Nescafe 3 in 1 Strong Instant Coffee

A box of nescafe coffee in a white box.

Experience bold and robust coffee flavor with Nescafe 3 in 1 Strong Instant Coffee Single Packets.

This grocery item brings the essence of strong coffee to your cup in a convenient and effortless manner.

Originating from Germany, Nescafe 3 in 1 Strong Instant Coffee is designed to satisfy your cravings for a strong coffee experience.

With each pack containing 28 single-serving packets, you can conveniently enjoy your favorite coffee wherever you are.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, Nescafe 3 in 1 Strong Instant Coffee offers a quick and flavorful solution for those seeking a robust coffee experience.

Coffee Makers To Use

Bestargot Camping Titanium Pot with French Press

Bestargot Camping Titanium Pot

The Bestargot is a reliable and lightweight option for backpackers who enjoy freshly brewed coffee on the go.

This pot is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who value quality and convenience.

Its premium titanium construction and stainless steel French press ensure a lightweight and durable pot for backpacking adventures.

The unique 2-in-1 design allows you to cook meals and brew your favorite coffee or tea with ease. While the sandblasted finish adds a touch of style to your campsite.

For those who prioritize adventure without sacrificing the comfort of a fresh cup of joe, this titanium pot combo should be a top consideration.

ONEISALL Stainless Steel Coffee Mug + Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Filter

ONEISALL Coffee Mug and Filter

A versatile and compact coffee solution for those who love enjoying their favorite brew while traveling, camping, or working.

The ONEISALL offers a perfect solution for coffee lovers on the go.

The sleek and compact design makes it easy to stow in your backpack or office space.

The double wall vacuum insulation technology keeps your coffee hot for up to 4 hours and cold for up to 3 hours, so you can savor the taste and temperature of your beverage.

The filter’s double-layer micro mesh design ensures precise coffee extraction and prevents clogging. Additionally, the foldable filter conveniently fits inside the mug when not in use, maximizing portability.

Overall, the ONEISALL is ideal for those seeking a convenient, portable coffee solution without sacrificing the quality and taste of their favorite brew.

GSI Outdoors Gourmet Pour-Over Java Set

GSI Outdoors Gourmet Pour-Over Java Set

The GSI Outdoors Java Set is a highly portable and efficient coffee brewing system. Perfect for coffee lovers on the go.

This java set provides an excellent solution for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or road trips.

The set is lightweight, weighing only 0.84 lbs, and the collapsing silicone cone makes it easy to pack and carry without taking up much space.

With the adjustable ceramic Java Mill and steel conical burr grinder, it’s easy to achieve the perfect coffee grind consistency for your preferred flavor and aroma.

The grinder locks into place when not in use, and the set even includes a reusable mesh coffee filter for convenient and eco-friendly brewing.

This travel coffee set is an excellent choice for those who value a fresh cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

With a lifetime warranty from GSI Outdoors, it’s sure to become your go-to coffee brewing solution when space and weight are a priority.

Wolecok Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Wolecok Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Dripper

A practical and portable choice for backpackers seeking delicious coffee on their journey without sacrificing space.

The Wolecok Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Dripper is an affordable and convenient option for backpackers who want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while on the go.

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this pour-over coffee dripper is BPA-free, non-toxic, and easy to clean – ideal for outdoor use.

One of the standout features of this coffee dripper is its foldable design.

You’ll be able to save plenty of space in your backpack. Making it perfect for mountain climbing, camping, and even office use.

Additionally, with a brewing time of just 2 minutes, you’ll have a satisfying cup of coffee in no time.

Overall, the Wolecok Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Dripper is a solid choice for backpackers who prioritize space-saving and convenience.

Its quick brewing time and easy-to-clean design make it a reliable companion on your outdoor adventures.

UST Collapsible Flexware Coffee Drip

UST Collapsible Flexware Coffee Drip

The UST Collapsible Flexware Coffee Drip is a must-have for backpackers who want a convenient, lightweight, and easy-to-use coffee maker on their trips.

This coffee drip is designed for those who love to have freshly brewed coffee while on their backpacking adventures.

One of the strongest aspects of this coffee maker is its compact and collapsible design. It can easily be packed away in your backpack, making it a great travel companion.

What sets this coffee drip apart from others is that it doesn’t absorb coffee odors or taste. Ensuring you always get a fresh-tasting brew.

The silicone construction also prevents the transfer of plastic or chemical taste to your coffee. Which is a significant concern for many backpackers.

The UST Collapsible Flexware Coffee Drip is an ideal choice for backpacking enthusiasts looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, and portable coffee maker.

Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip

Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip

The Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip is a reliable and convenient option for coffee lovers who want quality pour-over coffee while backpacking.

This coffee drip offers a traditional pour-over coffee experience, combined with portability for easy backpacking and camping.

Its stainless steel construction ensures durability, so you can enjoy great coffee even in the most remote locations.

It fits most coffee filters, making it a versatile option that doesn’t require you to purchase specialty filters. The elegant design provides an outdoor dining experience that is both enjoyable and minimalistic.

The Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip is an excellent choice for those who love pour-over coffee and want a convenient, high-quality option for their outdoor adventures.

With its compact design, ease of use, and durable stainless steel construction, it provides you with an enjoyable coffee experience wherever your backpacking trips may lead you.

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

The GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip is a must-have for backpackers seeking a lightweight and convenient way to enjoy quality coffee on the go.

This java drip weighs less than half an ounce and measures 4.2 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches.

This nifty coffee maker easily fits into my pack without adding any significant weight or taking up much space. Its nesting design also allowed me to store it under a standard fuel cartridge.

Setting up the Ultralight Java Drip couldn’t have been easier. Its sturdy legs clipped securely to nearly any mug, and the nylon filter cone was simple to use.

The result was a bold, mud-free cup of coffee that taste-wise, rivaled what I’d enjoy back home.

The GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip has minimal weight and space requirements. Just remember to experiment with your grind size and potentially add extra filters for the perfect brew.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best coffee solution for backpacking, it is important to consider factors such as the method of preparation, weight, packability, and, of course, taste.

Additionally, ease of use and cleanup, as well as durability, are key when it comes to outdoor gear.

After all, no one wants a broken coffee maker or a mess of coffee grounds when trying to enjoy their trip.

With these factors in mind, we set out to find the best coffee options for backpacking, testing various methods and products to ensure that you can start your day on the trail with a satisfying cup of your favorite brew.

Type of Coffee

When choosing the best coffee for backpacking, consider the type of coffee that suits your taste and convenience.

The most common types include:

  • Instant coffee: Lightweight and easy to make, only requiring hot water.
  • Ground coffee: A better option for taste, but requires additional gear like a portable coffee maker or a steeping bag.


Backpacking requires minimal and lightweight gear. Look for coffee packets that are:

  • Lightweight: The coffee packets should not add significant weight to your backpack.
  • Compact: The packaging should be space-saving, ensuring that you do not have to sacrifice other essentials for the coffee.

Preparation Method

Different backpackers have different preferences for preparing coffee. Consider your preferred method and the required equipment:

  • Immersion brewing: Simple and easy method, just requiring a steeping bag and hot water.
  • Pour-over brewing: Needs a portable coffee maker or paper filters, giving more control over the brewing process.
  • Aeropress brewing: Requires specific equipment, but produces a strong and flavorful coffee.

Shelf Life

When selecting coffee for backpacking, ensure it has a good shelf life. The packaging should be airtight and maintain freshness to avoid stale coffee on the trail.


Choose coffee that fits your budget without compromising on quality. A fair price allows you to comfortably enjoy your trip without breaking the bank.

Remember to consider these factors when selecting the best coffee for backpacking. Ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience on the trail.

As we bring our exploration of the best coffee for backpacking to a satisfying conclusion, it’s evident that the pursuit of a good cup of coffee amidst the great outdoors is a passion that unites adventurers and a coffee connoisseur alike.

Whether you’re savoring the bold richness of cowboy coffee over a campfire or relishing the convenience of instant coffee packets during car camping, the essence of a hot cup of coffee holds a special place in every camper’s heart.

From Mount Hagen to Starbucks VIA, the availability of fair trade options and specialty coffee brings the taste of coffee shop brews to even the most remote camping trip.

Brewing Coffee

As we’ve journeyed through different ways of brewing coffee on the trail, it’s clear that there is no single “best way” to enjoy your morning pick-me-up.

For some, the simplicity of single-serve packets or a tea bag offers the easiest way to achieve a satisfying coffee fix.

While others prefer the unique flavor that arises from using a moka pot or pour-over coffee maker.

The blind taste test and the blending of various coffee bags underscore the artful nature of selecting the best backpacking coffee options.

A process that often boils down to personal preference and the desire to experience the true taste of coffee, unadulterated by creamers or additives.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of fellow adventurers, there’s a backpacking coffee maker that caters to your needs.

From the convenience of an alpine start original blend to the satisfaction of brewing small batches in a drip cone or coffee pot, the world of backpacking coffee makers provides a spectrum of choices for achieving that perfect cup.

And while some may advocate for cold brew or seek out light roast beans for their low caffeine content, the bottom line remains clear – the best coffee for backpacking is the one that brings you joy and fuels your outdoor escapades.

Final Thoughts

As we reflect on the journey through different coffee makers, brewing methods, and favorite coffees, it’s evident that the allure of a hot coffee on a chilly morning is a great thing, indeed.

From boiling water by the campfire to utilizing a convenient water source, every step in the process contributes to the satisfaction of enjoying a steaming cup of goodness in the heart of nature.

The adaptability of using a ziplock bag or the resourcefulness of reusing coffee grounds for a second brew showcase the innovative spirit of backpackers seeking to savor their favorite way of enjoying coffee, no matter where the trail leads.

In the grand tapestry of outdoor adventures, the search for the best backpacking coffee becomes a ritual that connects us with the tranquility of the wilderness and the comfort of a cherished brew.

So, as you gear up for your next backpacking trip, remember that the perfect coffee companion is not only a source of warmth and energy but also a reflection of your unique tastes and preferences.

As the sun rises over the horizon and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the crisp morning air, you’ll savor the culmination of your quest – the ultimate blend of nature’s beauty and the deeply satisfying taste of a good cup of coffee.

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