What Is The Difference Of Sirloin Tip Vs Tri Tip Steak

DIFFERENCES Sirloin Tip Cut from the round portion. Benefits from robust seasoning  Tri-Tip From the bottom of sirloin cuts. Has a unique, savory flavor

SIMILARITIES - Both cuts are found on the back half of the steer - Both used to prepare delicious beef dishes

Flavor and Marinating

– Garlic – Balsamic vinegar – Soy sauce – Worcestershire sauce – Black pepper

Alternative Cooking Methods

– Roasted – Fried – Smoked – Foil – Unique pulse control

Serving Suggestions Mashed potatoes: complements the rich flavors of the meat Roasted potatoes: crispier alternative to mashed potatoes

SUMMARY Sirloin Tip Leaner cut, chewier texture, and juicy and flavorful steak  Tri-Tip Higher fat content, less connective tissue, and more marbling