Difference Between Built In Vs Freestanding Refrigerator

DIFFERENCES Built-In  Refrigerator Attached to the wall and expensive Freestanding Refrigerator Not attached to the wall, are easier to move, and less expensive

DESIGN AND AESTHETICS Built-In Refrigerator Custom made for a cohesive and unified kitchen design Freestanding Refrigerator More flexibly. Comes in a variety of sizes and styles

STORAGE CAPACITY Built-In Refrigerator Offers more vertical storage Freestanding Refrigerator Offers larger storage capacity with a smaller width

INSTALLATION Built-In Refrigerator Requires extra money and professional installation Freestanding Refrigerator Easier and faster to install

Special Features - Glass Door - Air Purification - Panel-Ready - Flexibility - Custom-Made

FINAL THOUGHTS Built-In Refrigerator Best for modern kitchens Freestanding Refrigerator Easier to move if needed