Can You Freeze Coconut Oil: Tips For How To

Can You Freeze Coconut Oil? - you can freeze coconut oil without compromising its high smoke point - freezing will have a longer shelf life for later use

Factors Affecting Freezing of Coconut Oil - freezing point around 76 degrees - use an airtight container - label the container - allow time for freezing

Coconut Oil Type Virgin coconut oil may freeze faster due to its unprocessed state Refined coconut oil may take longer to freeze due to its refined state

Uses of Frozen Coconut Oil - Cooking and baking - Skin Care - Creative Recipes

Creative Recipes - Frozen coconut oil cubes in smoothies - Cold-pressed energy bites (nuts, seed, dried fruits, and frozen coconut oil)

Coconut Oil Alternatives - Olive Oil - Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream