Can You Freeze Babybel Cheese: How Long Does It Last

Wax Types  Paraffin Wax most commonly used waxed in the industry, odorless, and tastelss Microcrystalline Wax higher melting point, more flexible and less brittle

Purpose of Wax Coating - Retaining moisture - Preventing mold - Prolonging shelf life 

Freezing Babybel Cheese - viable option for extending its shelf life - start by removing individual wax-coated portions place each piece in freezer-safe container

Refrigeration and Shelf Life - Babybel cheese can last up to two weeks in the fridge - In the freezer to prolong its expiration date

How To Use Metal Safety in a Microwave - popcorn bags - microwavable pizza packaging - look for "microwave safe" labels

Final Thoughts - Freezing is possible but will change the texture - Other variations of Babybel cheese might have different freezing properties