10 Best Chocolate Flavored Coffee And Beans To Buy

Chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven, with both ingredients boasting robust flavors that blend together harmoniously. Here’s the scoop on the best chocolate flavored coffee!

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This delicious combination has led to the creation of chocolate flavored coffee, a delightful beverage that allows you to indulge in the rich flavors of both worlds in a single cup.

As the popularity of flavored coffee has grown, so has the range of chocolate flavored options available, making it the perfect treat for a coffee lover with a sweet tooth.

Adding chocolate to coffee is not a new concept; in fact, people have been enjoying this pairing for centuries. 

Chocolate Coffee

The Mayans and Aztecs were the first to mix cocoa with their coffee, creating a drink resembling the best chocolate coffee. Which was both energizing and satisfying. 

Today, advancements in coffee-making have allowed manufacturers to infuse their beans with the decadent flavor of chocolate.

Often combining it with other complementary flavors such as hazelnut or caramel.

When searching for the perfect chocolate flavored specialty coffee out of the wide variety of some of the best coffee beans available, there are a few key factors to consider.  

The quality of the coffee beans and the chocolate flavoring used will greatly impact the final taste. 

Additionally, it’s essential to decide whether you prefer a subtle hint of chocolate or a more dominant flavor profile. 

Personal preferences for coffee blends and roast levels will also play a part in your ultimate satisfaction with the product.

So, get ready to embark on a journey to discover the best chocolate coffee flavors that meet your cravings and leave you wanting more.

Whether you love the coffee taste of robusta or Liberian beans, as well as the flavor of swiss chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, bitter chocolate, or even hot chocolate, there’s an ideal coffee drink waiting for you whenever you need something to warm up those chilly winter nights. 

You’ll definitely be making less coffee orders at coffee shops after you find the best flavored coffee that you can make at home.  

Best Chocolate Flavored Coffee

Discover our carefully curated list of the most delectable chocolate flavored coffee available. 

Indulge in the perfect blend of rich coffee and smooth chocolate notes.

1. Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Caramel Brownie

Cameron's Coffee Chocolate Caramel Brownie

A must-try chocolate-flavored coffee with a perfect balance of rich chocolate notes and caramel goodness.

Beginning with the taste, the Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Caramel Brownie is like drinking dessert in a cup. 

The light roast creates a smooth, well-balanced, and good flavor, combining the added flavoring of a rich chocolate brownie with a sweet, buttery caramel touch in its chocolate-covered coffee beans. 

It is perfect for those who enjoy indulging in flavored coffee and seeking a slightly sweet kick to their morning routine. 

Cameron’s Coffee is committed to quality and environmental responsibility. 

Their dedication to the small batch roasting process ensures a fresh and flavorful product, and their focus on reducing water consumption and ensuring the welfare of coffee farmers shows that they care about more than just their bottom line. 

This sense of responsibility adds a positive note to each cup of coffee you enjoy.

Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Caramel Brownie is perfect for those who desire a sweet, dessert-like coffee experience while also supporting an environmentally conscious brand. 

2. Crazy Cups Chocolate Lovers Coffee Pods Variety Pack

Crazy Cups Chocolate Lovers Coffee Pods

A heavenly treat for chocolate and coffee enthusiasts, offering a delightful mix of flavors and a satisfying brewing experience.

The Crazy Cups Chocolate Lovers Coffee Pods Variety Pack is an absolute delight for anyone’s taste buds. 

The pack, which comes with different flavors.

Including Death By Chocolate, Peppermint Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Coconut Dream, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Mocha Turtle. 

It’s evident that each flavor has been crafted to perfection. Providing an indulgent experience for chocolate and coffee lovers who enjoy a sweeter taste of coffee with less caffeine. 

Moreover, the compatibility with all Keurig K Cup Brewers is a great advantage, allowing everyone to relish these exquisite flavors.

The Crazy Cups Chocolate Lovers Coffee Pods Variety Pack is an exceptional choice for those seeking a delectable mix of chocolate-flavored coffees. 

With its unique flavors, generous coffee content, and compatibility with K Cup Brewers, this variety pack is definitely worth a try.

Especially if you’re a die-hard chocolate fan looking for a delicious cup of coffee.

Cookie Jar Double Chocolate Chunk Flavored Coffee

Indulge in a chocolate lover’s dream with Cookie Jar Double Chocolate Chunk Flavored Coffee. Offering a delightful taste and excellent value.

The Cookie Jar Double Chocolate Chunk Flavored Coffee is a delightful treat for anyone who enjoys both chocolate and coffee. 

Brewed with zero calories and no sweeteners, it’s a guilt-free indulgence perfect for your mornings or anytime you need a pick-me-up.

The recyclable pods are a nod to sustainability, and the compatibility with 2.0 Keurig K-Cup Brewers adds convenience. 

The Cookie Jar Double Chocolate Chunk Flavored Coffee is a tasty option for chocolate-loving coffee drinkers who want a sustainable, budget-friendly treat for their Keurig machines. 

This could be the perfect addition to your daily coffee routine, as it would make a fantastic chocolate cappuccino.

4. Illy Intenso Ground Espresso Coffee

Illy Intenso Ground Espresso Coffee

A rich and robust choice for coffee lovers seeking a delicious chocolate-flavored coffee with a remarkable aroma.

Illy Intenso Ground Espresso Coffee is a delightful and bold blend derived from the world’s best Arabica coffee sources. Offering an intense flavor combined with deep cocoa notes. 

With eight decades of experience perfecting the blend, Illy is dedicated to providing a balanced and delightful cup of coffee.

Making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a full-bodied, chocolate-flavored coffee experience.

This remarkable ground espresso coffee comes in a carefully designed, pressurized can that ensures the preservation of its aromas and oils, delivering a cup of freshly brewed perfection every time. 

Their commitment to sustainable quality is also noteworthy, as Illy has been named among the World’s Most Ethical Coffee brands for seven consecutive years. 

Illy Intenso Ground Espresso Coffee is a fantastic option for those who enjoy chocolate-flavored coffee with a robust and full flavor profile. 

Its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices is an added bonus, making each cup even more satisfying. 

Enjoy having a delicious cup of coffee which came a long way to get to the comfort of your home.

5. Paramount Roasters Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Ground Coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Ground Coffee

A delightful and guilt-free flavored coffee experience perfect for chocolate and raspberry lovers.

Brewing Paramount Roasters Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Ground Coffee offers a delightful aroma of dark chocolate and juicy raspberries. 

This chocolatey coffee with a fruity taste makes it a great option for those looking for a sweet treat. 

As a medium roast coffee, it offers just the right balance of richness and smoothness. Which dark chocolate lovers will adore.

Moreover, it’s pleasing to know it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, and certified Kosher, making it a guilt-free pleasure. 

The Paramount Roasters Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Ground Coffee offers a delicious and guilt-free coffee experience.

Its ideal for those who appreciate a mild combination with a satisfying hint of chocolate and raspberry.

6. Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost’s Medium Roast Coffee is a delicious and ethical choice for those looking for a low acid, organic, and flavorful chocolate flavored coffee.

Lifeboost’s Medium Roast Coffee offers a unique and delicious coffee drinking experience with its chocolatey note and low acid content. 

Grown in the mountains of Central America, the beans are sun-dried and washed with spring water in this geographic region.

Resulting in a pure and natural taste that’s hard to resist.

The coffee beans used in Lifeboost’s Medium Roast Coffee are also environmentally-friendly and sourced from bird-friendly farms. 

These farms hand-select each bean for optimum purity, making this an excellent choice for those who value ethical and sustainable practices in their coffee choices. 

Additionally, this coffee is USDA certified organic and third-party tested for toxins. Ensuring a clean and pure cup of coffee every time.

It also offers whole bean instead of ground coffee. 

Lifeboost’s Medium Roast Coffee is an excellent choice for those looking for a delicious, ethical, and low-acid chocolate flavored coffee, with a bit less caffeine than darker roasts.  

With its unique taste and environmentally-friendly sourcing, it’s worth trying if you’re open to spending a bit more on a quality coffee experience.

7. BARNIE’S COFFEE TEA CO. Café Mocha Truffle

BARNIE'S COFFEE TEA CO. Ground Decadent and Rich Chocolate Flavor Medium Roasted Arabica Beans Sugar Free and Nut Free 12 oz Bag, Café Mocha Truffle, 1 Count

This Café Mocha Truffle coffee is a must-try for chocolate lovers seeking a medium roast with a delightful mocha flavor and aroma.

The BARNIE’S COFFEE TEA CO. Café Mocha Truffle coffee is a treat for those looking for a sweet coffee experience. 

The Central and South American blend of Arabica beans offers a smooth, medium roast that isn’t too bold. Resulting in a well-balanced flavor profile.

The creamy chocolate flavor and aroma are the standout features of this coffee. 

It pairs extremely well with your favorite pastry for a fantastic breakfast or a comforting afternoon pick-me-up. 

The café Mocha Truffle coffee provides a delightful chocolate-infused option for those seeking a favorite chocolatey treat that’s nut-free and has no added sugar.

This is a good idea for those of you looking for an alternative to traditional chocolate-flavored coffees. 

If you love chocolate and smooth coffees, don’t hesitate to give this one a try.

8. Kicking Horse Coffee Lucky Jim

Kicking Horse Coffee Lucky Jim

Indulge in a flavorful, medium roast coffee experience with Kicking Horse’s Lucky Jim, perfect for those seeking a chocolatey twist.

The first sip of Kicking Horse Coffee’s Lucky Jim reveals its rich, chocolatey aroma. Which is accompanied by hints of clove, grapefruit, and pine. 

The medium-sweet body and pronounced finish make for a delightful morning or afternoon coffee break. 

Its balanced profile offers just the right amount of strength for those who appreciate a strong, but not overpowering, cup of coffee.

Not only is Lucky Jim a delicious blend, but it’s also ethically sourced—boasting Organic, Fairtrade, and Kosher certifications. 

The beans are grown in Indonesia, Central, and South America by farmers practicing sustainable and environmentally responsible methods. 

What’s more, the coffee is roasted in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, contributing to its unique, delectable taste.

Though Lucky Jim is full of flavor, some may find its medium-dark roast too strong or may wish for more pronounced chocolate notes. 

Furthermore, the mild acidity might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. 

Nevertheless, Kicking Horse Coffee Lucky Jim is a commendable choice for those looking to indulge in a high-quality, ethically sourced, and pleasantly aromatic blend.

9. Jim’s Organic Coffee – Double Chocolate

Jim's Organic Coffee - Double Chocolate

A delightful chocolate flavored coffee with rich aroma, perfect for those seeking a twist to their regular brew.

The first sip of Jim’s Organic Coffee – Double Chocolate immediately transports you to a cozy café filled with the rich aroma of chocolate. 

The all-natural flavor adds a touch of decadence to the mellow coffee base without being overpowering or artificial. 

It’s a delightful twist for your morning cup, or a great treat any time of day.

Quality is key with Jim’s Organic Coffee. 

They use only the finest 100% Arabica beans sourced from the best organic farms worldwide. Ensuring exceptional taste in every cup. 

The beans are artisan roasted at their state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and packed in one-way valve bags to preserve freshness. 

You can trust that your brew will have a consistently smooth, enjoyable flavor.

Jim’s Organic Coffee is more than just a delicious beverage; it’s a brand with a mission. 

They are fully dedicated to organic coffee and committed to giving back to the communities they source from. 

As a B-Corp, they have over 25 years of experience in the organic coffee movement and maintain strong relationships with growers. 

Your purchase of their coffee not only gives you a tasty treat, but also supports a company making a positive impact.

If you’re a chocolate lover seeking a unique twist to your daily coffee, Jim’s Organic Coffee – Double Chocolate is worth a try.

10. Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee

Cella's Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee

This Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee is a must-try for those who love indulging in chocolate-covered cherries and crave a satisfying, aromatic brew.

This Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee combines some of your favorite tastes of chocolate and cherry that are reminiscent of Cella’s famous chocolate-covered cherries. 

The coffee beans are 100% premium Arabica, ensuring a smooth and satisfying sip with every cup of coffee.

The compatibility with Keurig K-Cup brewers, including 2.0 versions, makes brewing your perfect cup of coffee a breeze. 

Ideal for chilly mornings when you want to treat yourself, Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee is excellent both for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift during the holiday season.

Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee is a unique and enjoyable option for those who love the taste of chocolate-covered cherries and appreciate a smooth, aromatic brew. 

Types of Coffee Beans

When exploring the world of coffee, one encounters various types of coffee beans, each offering a distinct and delightful experience.

Lighter roasts, such as El Salvador, showcase fruity undertones and high potassium levels. Providing a refreshing and energizing cup of coffee.

On the other hand, espresso beans, with their rich flavor and high caffeine content, make for a robust and invigorating brew, perfect for that quick morning pick-me-up.

For those seeking a unique and chocolatey flavor, Liberica beans deliver with their chocolaty note and subtle pecan undertones.

When brewed using a French press or a coffee maker, these coffee beans truly shine. Offering customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

What’s more, with zero sugar and free shipping options, coffee enthusiasts can indulge in good coffee without worrying about bitter taste or hidden costs.

Whether it’s the intense chocolate undertones of cocoa beans or the alluring taste of African coffees, the right coffee beans in the right place can transform a simple cup of joe into an extraordinary sensory experience.

With a wide variety of types of coffee beans available, each with its own unique characteristics, there’s a coffee to suit every taste preference and occasion.

Buying Guide

Taste and Aroma

When choosing the best chocolate flavored coffee, prioritize the taste and aroma. 

Make sure the chocolate flavor is rich and complementary to the coffee’s undertones. 

Some options may have a subtle chocolate taste, while others might be bolder or more intense.

Quality of Ingredients

  • Coffee beans: Look for high-quality coffee beans, usually arabica or robusta coffee beans. The choice between these two will depend on your preference for taste and strength.
  • Chocolate flavoring: Ensure that the chocolate flavor comes from natural sources, such as cocoa powder and extracts, which provide a more genuine taste.

Roast Level

The roast level greatly influences the flavor and strength of the coffee. 

Choosing between light, medium, or dark roast depends on your preference.

Roast LevelCharacteristics
Light RoastMild, fruity flavor, higher acidity
Medium RoastBalanced in flavor and acidity
Dark RoastBold, strong, low acidity

Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

Look for certifications that ensure the coffee beans are sourced ethically and sustainably. 

Some popular certifications to look for include:

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Organic


Proper packaging plays a significant role in maintaining the coffee’s freshness and flavor. 

A good option is airtight, opaque packaging with a one-way valve to release carbon dioxide and block oxygen, which can degrade the coffee over time.

Final Thoughts

The best chocolate-flavored coffee is a delightful and indulgent treat that caters to coffee enthusiasts with varied preferences.

For those seeking a hint of nutty sweetness, the pecan flavor in this coffee adds a unique and satisfying dimension.

While some may shy away from bitter tastes, the well-balanced combination of chocolate and coffee in this blend ensures a harmonious and enjoyable cup.

Additionally, the amount of caffeine in this coffee provides the perfect dose of energy, making it an ideal choice for a morning boost or an afternoon pick-me-up.

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