10 Best Blender For Juicing And Smoothies In 2023

Blenders have become an essential kitchen appliance for many households. Here’s the scoop on the best blender for juicing!

A person pouring liquid into a blender.

They help to create delicious and healthy smoothies, juices, and various other culinary treats.

There are numerous blender options available, with features and capabilities catering to a wide range of needs.

For those seeking the best blender for juicing, the focus is primarily on performance and convenience.

Juicing is an excellent method for extracting nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Promoting healthier lifestyles and making it easy to boost one’s daily vitamin intake.

The process of juicing breaks down the plant fibers, liberating essential nutrients that can be absorbed by the body more efficiently.

The right blender can make all the difference, turning fresh produce into luscious liquid in mere seconds.


When it comes to preparing delicious and nutritious beverages, the first thing you’ll need is one of the best blenders for juicing and smoothies.

Whether you’re looking to power through the morning with a green juice packed with fresh vegetables or craving a refreshing smoothie filled with smoothie ingredients.

Like lime juice and lemon juice, a reliable and efficient blender is a must-have in your kitchen arsenal.

In this article, we’ll explore a series of tests and reviews to help you find the top pick that suits your needs perfectly.

From the most powerful blenders with a compact design and 32-ounce cups to a versatile blender-juicer combo that extracts every drop of juice, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you want a high-speed blender for quick and easy blending or a portable blender for on-the-go convenience the best features.

Such as the self-cleaning feature, removable parts, locking mechanism, control panel, and warm water for easy maintenance.

Plus, for those interested in nut butters, a milkshake maker, or a nut milk bag, we’ll discuss the best value options to make your blending experience a breeze.

Join us as we explore the world of blenders, unveiling the best thing to happen to your fresh juice and smoothie game.

Best Blenders for Juicing

When selecting the best blender for juicing, there are a few critical factors to consider.

First and foremost, the blender’s power is vital, as a higher wattage can ensure seamless processing of various ingredients, even those that are tough or fibrous.

Additionally, easy cleanup, durability, and compactness are essential aspects of a high-quality juicing blender.

With numerous products on the market, identifying the perfect match for your needs can be overwhelming.

1. Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Blender

The Ninja BL660 is a powerful and versatile blender ideal for making smoothies, sauces, and more with ease.

This compact blender easily handles any ingredient with its 1100-watt motor. Making it perfect for crushing ice or blending tough fruits and vegetables.

Its 72-oz capacity is perfect for creating large batches of your favorite drinks or meals. While still offering the capability to use individual 16-oz to-go cups for single servings.

This blender’s versatile functions provide you with a range of options for creating delicious smoothies, sauces, and other recipes.

The stainless steel design ensures durability for long-lasting use. However, the powerful motor does make the blender quite noisy, which could be a drawback for those who prefer quieter appliances.

Overall, the Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Blender is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and versatile appliance capable of handling a variety of tasks.

Its large capacity, included single-serve cups, and powerful motor make this blender a great addition to any kitchen.

2. Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

Cuisinart Blender

Cuisinart’s Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender’s powerful motor and versatile design make it a great choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient juicer.

This blender stands out among other juicers due to its impressive 1+ peak horsepower. Which allows for quick and efficient juicing of a wide range of ingredients.

The included 32-ounce Tritan jar and multiple travel cups provide ample space and versatility for making smoothies or juices on the go.

Its rotary dial controls offer simplicity and ease, with pulse, low, and high settings to suit any blending task.

This blender offers excellent performance and versatility, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a user-friendly and efficient juicing solution.

3. Ninja BL610 Professional Blender

Ninja BL610

The Ninja BL610 Professional Blender is a reliable and powerful choice for those looking to make smoothies, frozen drinks, or crush ice effortlessly.

Using the Ninja BL610 Professional Blender has been a game-changing experience. Especially when it comes to blending frozen fruits, ice, and tough ingredients for smoothies.

The 1000-watt professional motor ensures consistent blending with its Total Crushing Technology, pulverizing ingredients in mere seconds.

The 72 oz pitcher is perfect for entertaining or prepping multiple servings. It can tackle smoothies and frozen drinks with ease, making it a crowd-pleaser.

Moreover, the pitcher is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, which simplifies the cleaning process.

The Ninja BL610 Professional Blender delivers powerful blending capabilities, a generous capacity, and easy cleaning.

4. Yabano Professional Countertop Blender

Yabano Professional Countertop Blender

This Yabano blender offers high-speed performance and versatility for making smoothies, juices, and more. Making it an excellent choice for the kitchen.

This blender boasts a powerful motor and 4 stainless steel blades that blend ingredients smoothly and quickly.

Its high-speed performance (up to 35000 RPM) is perfect for those who enjoy shakes, smoothies, and a variety of blended drinks.

The modern and sleek design also adds a stylish touch to any kitchen.

One of the highlights of this blender is its ability to crush ice and frozen fruits effortlessly. Making it ideal for creating cold beverages like smoothies and frozen margaritas.

The added advantage of versatility in juicing only improves the overall appeal. But remember, when crushing ice, it’s essential to add water at the same time.

Cleaning this blender is a breeze thanks to the removable blade assembly, and it even has a self-cleaning function. Simply add some dish soap and water, set it to pulse mode, and run it for 5-10 seconds.

The Yabano Professional Countertop Blender is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, versatile, and stylish kitchen appliance.

5. TEDATATA Portable Automatic Juicer Cup

TEDATATA Portable Automatic Juicer Cup

A reliable and powerful blender with modern convenience, perfect for on-the-go smoothies and juicing.

The TEDATATA Portable Automatic Juicer Cup is a versatile juicer that packs a powerful punch in a compact package.

With a large 400ml capacity, it can easily accommodate a variety of fruits, ice, and other ingredients to create delicious smoothies and juices.

The 21000 RPM motor and stainless steel blades ensure a smooth and consistent blend, completing your juice or shake in just 30 seconds.

Safety is a priority with this portable juicer. The magnetic induction switch only allows the device to operate when the jar is correctly connected to the base, preventing any accidental mishaps.

The single button operation makes using this blender straightforward, and the magnetic quick-start function keeps things fast and easy. T

he build materials are also BPA-free, so you can blend with confidence.

The battery life on this portable juicer is quite impressive, with up to 8-10 cups possible on a single charge.

The TEDATATA Portable Automatic Juicer Cup is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use juicer for on-the-go lifestyles.

The combination of advanced features and convenience make it a standout option in the world of portable blenders.

6. WantJoin Professional Blender

WantJoin Professional Blender

The WantJoin Professional Blender is a powerful and versatile choice for every kitchen, perfect for smoothies, soups, and more.

This boasts a robust 1800W motor, capable of reaching speeds up to 30,000 RPM. Ensuring that crushing ice and blending ingredients are smooth and quick tasks.

This countertop blender is suitable for both home and commercial usage, making it a versatile pick for your blending needs.

It’s five-speed settings and timer control allow you to achieve the perfect texture for your dishes while ensuring safe usage with automatic shutoff upon reaching the set time.

Overall, the WantJoin Professional Blender stands out for its power, control, and multifunctionality.

7. Reemix Counter Blender Smoothie Maker

Reemix Counter Blender

This powerful and versatile blender is a great choice for those seeking high functionality at an affordable price.

The powerful 2.25HP motor operates at an impressive 33000RMP. Making it capable of crushing ice within seconds and blending smoothies to perfection.

The eight titanium stainless steel blades are designed for longevity and tackling the toughest ingredients.

When using the Reemix blender, the 10 adjustable speed controls make it convenient for me to achieve various textures in my recipes, from smooth soups to chunky salsas.

The built-in pulse function further refined the textures and helped create the perfect consistency.

Another bonus is the use of BPA-free materials, ensuring a safer cooking experience alongside dishwasher-safe components for easy cleaning.

Overall, the Reemix Counter Blender Smoothie Maker is a solid choice for those seeking a powerful, multi-functional blender at an affordable price.

8. NutriBullet Smart Touch Blender 1500W

NutriBullet Smart Touch Blender

A versatile and powerful blender with pre-programmed settings for professional results in your own kitchen.

The NutriBullet Smart Touch Blender 1500W is a smart choice for anyone looking to expand their blending possibilities, from smoothies and sauces to soups and more.

Its powerful 1500-watt motor ensures efficient blending, while the intelligent programs and multiple speeds provide a range of options for desired consistency and texture.

The NutriBullet Smart Touch Blender 1500W undoubtedly stands out as a high-quality option for both novices and expert home chefs.

It’s stylish black design and user-friendly interface offer an impressive combination of aesthetics and functionality for an enjoyable blending experience.

The NutriBullet Smart Touch Blender 1500W offers powerful performance and versatility for creating an endless variety of blended treats.

9. KOIOS 850W Countertop Blender

KOIOS 850W Countertop Blender

The KOIOS 850W Countertop Blender is a powerful and versatile option for those seeking high-performance blending and juicing.

With its powerful 850-watt motor, the KOIOS Countertop Blender is capable of tackling a variety of blending tasks. Including making smoothies, protein shakes, baby food, and grinding coffee or spices.

The device’s unique 6-leaf blade ensures even and delicate blending. Allowing it to extract the most nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

The blender includes two 18.6 Oz bottles and a 10 Oz small cup, offering a large total capacity of 47 Oz (1400mL).

This makes it possible to prepare daily nutritional drinks for a family of three at the same time.

The blender also comes with travel lids and flip-top lid cups for added convenience on the go. Making it easy to carry your blended beverages to work, the gym, or even just to enjoy in the car.

The KOIOS 850W Countertop Blender is a reliable choice for those who want a powerful, easy-to-use blender for juicing and blending tasks.

10. Generic 1450W Blender for Juicing

Generic 1450W Blender

The Generic 1450W Blender is a great choice for those seeking a powerful, versatile blender for juicing with multiple safety features.

This blender offers a strong performance through its robust 1450-watt motor capable of running at 25,000 RPM, providing fast and easy blending experiences every time.

The 8-piece German stainless steel blades provide superior cutting performance. Ensuring efficient extraction of nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

This blender is incredibly versatile, featuring 8 variable speed controls and 4 preset programs, including Ice Crush, Smoothie, Grinding, and Pulse.

This enables users to make a wide range of concoctions, from smoothies and juices to baby food and sauces.

The built-in pulse function is exceptional in crushing tough ingredients quickly, and it also doubles up for self-cleaning.

Overall, the Generic 1450W Blender is perfect for users who prioritize power, functionality, and safety in a juicing blender.

With multiple preset programs and adjustable speeds, it caters to various blending requirements, ensuring healthy and tasty outcomes.

Buying Guide

Throughout recent years, blenders have evolved to cater to different needs and preferences.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a single-serve blender or the power of high-speed, high-powered blenders, the best way to find the perfect smoothie or juice is now more accessible than ever before.

Full-size blenders with extra features like self-cleaning, manual speeds, and a variety of settings are a great value for individuals seeking a multifunctional appliance to chop ingredients, make a hot soup, blend ice cream, nut butters, and more.

Size and Capacity

When choosing the best blender for juicing, you should consider the size and capacity of the container.

A larger container will allow you to make bigger batches of juice at once. Which is great if you have a large family or entertain frequently.

Smaller containers are suitable for personal use or limited servings.

Power and Speed

The power of a blender, measured in watts, determines its ability to blend tough ingredients. Such as ice and frozen fruits.

A higher wattage blender is more effective in crushing and blending ingredients smoothly.

Additionally, multiple speed settings will give you more control and precision in achieving your desired texture and consistency.


The blade material and design play a significant role in the blending process. Look for durable materials like stainless steel, which will remain sharp and efficient over longer periods.

Additionally, unique blade designs can help increase the efficiency of blending and extraction.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

It’s essential to choose a blender that is easy to use and clean. Look for features like removable blades, dishwasher-safe parts, and easy-to-read controls to make your juicing experience hassle-free.

Noise Level

Blenders can be quite noisy, and if this is a concern for you, consider the noise levels of different models. Some blenders are designed with sound reduction technology to minimize loud noises during operation.

Warranty and Support

A good warranty and customer support are essential when investing in a blender.

Look for models that offer a comprehensive warranty and have responsive customer service in case you run into any issues or have questions about the product.


Lastly, consider your budget when choosing the best blender for juicing. You should strike a balance between finding a model with desirable features and remaining within your desired price range.

For individuals looking for the best juicer blender combo, the versatile and efficient design of cold press juicers offers a great way to extract maximum juice from fresh fruits and leafy greens without compromising on dietary fiber or generating much food waste.

Alternatively, for those interested in a dedicated juicer, centrifugal juicers remain a popular choice, ideal for quickly juicing large quantities of fresh fruit.

Extracting Juice

When you are extracting much juice and creating healthy beverages, the best blenders and juicers offer a variety of options, that do not take a long time, to suit your needs.

For those looking to make nutritious and refreshing smoothies, smoothie blenders are a great option, blending fruits and vegetables to perfection.

If you prefer a compact and versatile food blender solution, a personal blender is perfect for single-serve creations on-the-go.

On the other hand, a juice extractor is ideal for juicing a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Providing nutrient-packed vegetable juices and citrus juicers are excellent for extracting fresh and tangy juice from lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a peanut butter smoothie or a medley of vegetable juices, these blenders and juicers are sure to be your kitchen’s new best friends, saving you time and effort in the long run.

More Great Options

When it comes to the best blender for juicing, the Vitamix Blender stands out as a top choice.

It’s powerful performance and sharp blades make it perfect for extracting nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

For heavy use and demanding juicing needs, the Oster Pro and KitchenAid K blenders are also excellent contenders. Providing reliable results and durability.

Another top performer is the Vitamix E Blender, known for its efficiency and versatility in creating smooth and nutrient-rich juices.

Hamilton Beach blenders offer a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality and performance.

Blendtec Total Classic Blender, Oster Blender, and Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender are also popular choices, delivering exceptional blending power for juicing enthusiasts.

With these top-of-the-line blenders, you can enjoy delicious and healthy juices with ease.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best blenders for juicing and smoothies, there are several top contenders in the market today.

For those with a tight budget and small hands, the compact size and user-friendly design of the NutriBullet Pro make it one of the best bullet blenders, perfect for single-serve smoothies and on-the-go convenience with its to-go lid and travel cup.

On the other hand, if you seek a high-performance blender that can handle any task.

Including crushing ice cubes and processing frozen fruit, the Ninja Blender with its powerful motor base and extractor blade is the best option. 

The best blenders for juicing and smoothies should fit your specific lifestyle, dietary requirements, and price point.

Whether you opt for a compact and portable blender for small batches or a robust motor base for heavy-duty tasks, the array of options available ensures that you can easily integrate healthy juices, fresh fruits, and vegetables into your daily routine.

So, take control of your health and invest in one of these versatile kitchen appliances to enjoy the benefits of fresh, nutritious, and delicious blends right at your fingertips.

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